Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Media about Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center

It is well known that RSHC is an active participant in the social life of Serbia. It cooperates with the non-governmental, religious and veterans’ organisations, schools and media.

Recently interest about the Center has grown noticeably, visits of local and international journalists became frequent. Their opinion about RSHC, Serbia and Russia is not so clear.

Aim of the Center is to be open and friendly, to be ready to speak about the tasks, goals and spheres of activities.

During last few months RSHC was visited by representatives of world famous media-portals, like Ausirian radio and TV “ORF” (Christian Wehrschutz), English “Sunday Times” in EU (Bojan Pancevski), American “The Associated Press – AP” on Balkans (Dusan Stojanovic), American “NEWS WEEK- Serbia” (Branka Mitrovic) and others.

Every media representative got a possibility to explore freely the Center facilities, the Emergency Management Center, the training center. Journalists note it themselves. So, Branka Mitrovic's article titled “In the spy nest” from May wrote: “…RSHC military activities are not visible anywhere… Serbia signed Agreement about the participation in EU civil protection system, and “Nis base” included in it…”. “…And now we are in Center warehouse – no soldiers, no weapons and tanks… There is no strong control on entrance. Reserves consist of property which may be request for people in distress –rescue boats, beds, mattresses, portable generators…”.

The Austrian representative (TV “ORF”) wrote the article “Russian influence is growing in Serbia”, where highlighted: “….most of Serbs always considered Russia as a main helper and protector ...People look to Russian Federation like to state that helps Serbia the most despite all EU's financial investments... “.

The Center deputy director Vjaceslav Vlasenko stressed in his interview to “Sunday Times”: “… the Center participates in humanitarian activities in cooperation with the UNHCR, UNDP and other international organizations. The Center was the first who came to help with the migrant crisis and equipped checkpoints and temporary camps for refugees in Presevo, Kaniza and Sid… IT is not surprise that Serbs like the Center work…”

RSHC representatives are constantly participating in briefings and press conferences, answer difficult questions and speak about the Center activities in a field of humanitarian emergency respond – floods in Serbia in 2014, migrant camps in 2015, humanitarian aid to Albania, Slovenia, Sarajevo, Banja Luka and numerous Serbian cities.

Russian rescuers, their statements and assessments are very popular in local media. Good example is Press Conference organised by the channel “Sputnik”, which took place at International Book Fair in Belgrade on October 29th.