Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Balkan Firefighters - unite!

The practical seminar of Serbian Firefighter Union took place in Valjevo on November 3rd. Representatives from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Republic of Srpska participated in it.

This Serbian volunteer organization has built friendly contacts with the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center. RSHC sent to Valjevo its representatives – Centorspas rescuers Igor Petrov, Andrej Terehov and Andrej Niznikov. They came to explore experiences of Serbian colleagues and to provide them all necessary assistance.

The activity consisted of theoretical and practical parts: reports about the Union activities in Serbia and Balkans and training on “Traffic Accidents and Evacuation Methods” and “Evacuation from the Height in Urban Environment” with elements of industrial alpinism. The exercise was attended by staff of the fire and rescue unit of Valjevo and members of local volunteer firefight organisation.

Russian rescuers gave a high mark to the training level of Serbian colleagues, noted theirs actions, informed the participants about the RSHC activities and its prospects.