Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

A.Vulin presents his book “Darkness”

RSHC representatives were invited to the presentation of book “Darkness” written by Aleksandar Vulin. His book and its presentation is important event which took place at Belgrade International Book Fair. This is a philosophical book about life and generations change. People’s mind transformation considered through the prism of the fate of one man, who has gone through Balkan wars from the 90s of XX century.

“…The darkness value is an ability to highlight the life. The darkness is a freedom that gives power to fight. Energy of fight is the strongest energy in the world…” – author said.

“The book consists of my thoughts about life and definition of life processes… Life is almost impossible to catch into the definition trap. It is not so easy to describe infinity, which is hiding in shell of human being…”

The book was published in Serbian in 2010, then novel was translated into Russian. It shows the interest of Russian society to the processes that was taking place on Balkans. Publication of book in Russian is a sign of increasing cooperation between our two countries in all spheres of life.

We believe that unit projects of Russian-Serbian humanitarian center and Serbian Labour Ministry (migrant camps, regatta for disabled, etc.) is a sign of friendship for the Russians and Serbs.