Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Improvement of Center’s operational capabilities

Humanitarian assistance to people affected by emergencies and participation in activities for prevention and elimination of emergency situations is main task of the Center. RSHC solves it out with its own resources. Additional assets are used in case of a large-scale emergency.

Operational group consist of the Center’s rescuers. After getting emergency information they go to action. If it is necessary, the group participates in eliminating the consequences along with their Serbian colleagues.

Improvement of operational and technical parts is very important for the Center future development. That’s why RSHC made preparations: purchased additional equipment for rescue in extreme conditions (tents, sleeping bags, salvation staff, mobile compact electric generators, helmets, stretchers, etc).

At the same time “The Rescuer Path” development is going on. The training ground was created for learning and professional improvement of local specialists. Refilling reserves is important task for the Center. The aim is possibility to participate in large-scale humanitarian operations.