Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Professional development in St. Petersburg

On 24 of October, the group of fire-fighters from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska together with the representatives of Nis airport and company NIS (Petroleum Industry of Serbia) started training course in Saint Petersburg University of State Fire Service.

Group consists of professionals with the numerous years of experience. The course topic is “Training of Gas Rescuer”. Program consists of theoretical and practical parts. Selected topic was dictated by actual work and possible gaps in knowledge of Balkan specialists. Firefighters will visit training centers, fire-fight units, get familiar with the order of operations of Russian colleagues on industrial objects, be involved in practical trainings at polygon. University management believes that guests will get new practical skills, which they will use in Serbia.

Will be good to note that since 2016 specialists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia also started to take the advanced professional training in Russia.