Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Serbian humanitarian aid to Syria

Russian airplane IL-76 flew from the Nis airport to Syria. The aircraft took the humanitarian aid for Syrian citizens. Serbian government sends to Aleppo round 40 tons of food, clothing and medicine. Goods will be delivered by Russian aircraft to the airbase Khmeimim, and from there by land to Aleppo.

"Humanitarian jet" was carried out by Russian Ambassador in Serbia Aleksandar Cepurin, Deputy of Serbian Minister of Defense - State Secretary Nenad Neric, large group of attendants and RSHC representatives – Bojan Glamoclija, Vjaceslav Vlasenko and others.

During the press-conference the Russian Ambassador said: “…This humanitarian action shows great soul of Serbian people and Serbian nobility”. He noted that “it is clear humanitarian operation by the Republic of Serbia. Its goal is to provide assistance to Syrians which are suffered from terrorists …” This humanitarian operation was organized and realizing strongly according to the international law.

From the airport Russian Ambassador and Deputy of Serbian Minister of Defense went to Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center where high guests met with the Center staff. Guests watched around the Center, the briefing about RSHC tasks and ways of its realization was held. Special attention was given to the unique emergency information-analytical center and importance of its monitoring results for Serbia and Balkan region. Russian EMERCOM assistance was highly appreciated by the representative of Serbian Ministry of Defense, especially in the field of space monitoring of emergency situations.

Will be good to note that visits of high rang guests (Ambassador of Rusisan Federation in Serbia Aleksandar Cepurin, Minister of Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic, Deputy of Serbian Minister of Defense - State Secretary Nenad Neric, chief of Emergency Management Sector Predrag Maric) are very important for the Center further development.