Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Minister of Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic in Nis

Minister of Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic visited Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center on 16th of October. He was accompanied by more than 30 high-ranking officials from Ministry of Interior, city administration, Serbian volunteering rescue organizations and high educational institutions. Sergey Kosarev was from the side of Russian Embassy in Serbia.

This visit is unique because it is the first time when the Center patron came especially for the visit of RSHC. The Minister and his entourage got acquainted with the RSHC material and technical base, its employees, issues and tasks, attended the training demonstrations, which were held by Russian and Serbian rescuers on the climbing wall “The Rescuer Path”.

The Center leadership carried out the briefing. Minister’s attention took the question about cooperation between Russian and Serbian teams (the Serbian part started to work on December 2015). Also there were mentioned some RSHC problems and ways to solve them.

The visit continued for two hours. The Minister made a speech in which he thanked to Russia and EMERCOM for their contribution in RSHC creation; he praised its activities and perspectives highly. The most useful areas in his opinion are geo informational systems, space monitoring, educational and training courses for Serbian rescuers in Russia and the development of Emergency Management Center in RSHC. The special place took the Center international activities, cooperation with the regional emergency management directorates, Switzerland and ICDO, also the possibility for Serbia to join this international organization. The Minister appreciated the Center assistance in creation of refugee centers in Presevo, Kanezi and Sid.

By the Minister opinion, further intensification of the Center activities need to be in improving of its operational capabilities and the material and technical base, refilling reserves, increasing the number of Serbian and Russian employees.

To sum up, Nebojsa Stefanovic pointed the need for the continuation of the the Russian-Serbian cooperation in this area. On behalf of the Center the painting "Flood of the Neva in St. Petersburg" was presented to the Minister. The press conference for local media was held in the end.

Minister was accompanied by Chief of Emergency Management Sector P.Maric, Minister Adviser A. Zivkovic, and Head of the National Police Department Z.Alimpic, Commandant of the Gendarmerie G.Dragovic, Mayor of Nis D. Bulatovic, Head of Nis District A. Cvetkovic, Chiefs of Firefighter union and National Fire Protection Association, Dean of Nis University and other officials.