Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC rescuers in Kraljevo and Novi Sad

RSHC representatives leaded by Igor Petrov took part in trainings organised by Emergency Management Sector of Ministry of Interior of Serbia. It was useful for the development of cooperation with Serbian rescuers and improving of professional skills. The topics were “Water rescue” and “The rescue from rubbles in urban environment”.

“Water” training took place in area near Kraljevo. The Center team participated in both training parts by day and by night. Exercises “traversed the river in an inflatable pontoon boat to reach the victims”, “the rescue of drowning man from water”, “transfer of the victim with the heaving line” were completed.

Rescuers from different regions of Serbia took part in this training. Local rescuers demonstrated a high level of training skills. Тhat is the result of training courses which were held for them in St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM. Topics of few such courses were “Water rescue in summer and winter conditions”.

The learning purpose of training was victims evacuation from rubble in urban environment. This training took place in area near Novi Sad. The Academy of Civil Defense in Moscow held such educational courses for Serbian rescuers. Next group will go for it in November.

During such practical meeting Serbia and Russian rescuers have possibility to exchange experience, learn the strengths and weaknesses their professional training.

"The Rescuer Path" - the training element, built on Center's territory in Nis, made to improve skills in industrial and mountain climbing of Serbian professional and volunteer rescuers.