Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Russian rescuers at flooded ground in May 2014

RSHC representatives, Centrospas rescuers Igor Petrov and Andrej Terehov visited Drenovac, village that was flooded during May 2014. Exactly in this area they saved people two years ago. Russian rescue group was living at local school building more than a week and every day they were searching for those who have been cut off by water from land. More than two thousand people were saved by Russian rescuers.

“Russian rescuers at flooded ground in May 2014. Russian-Serbian conversation”, is the article title from Drenovac teacher Zoran S. Radovanovic in newspaper “The Voice of Podrinje”, Sabac, 13th of October 2016.

“…Serbian people are proud of Russian rescuers dedication. Locals express their deep gratitude for the contribution in the salvation of the population of Obrenovac, Sabac and other villages on the Sava banks…. I hope this meeting touched the hearts of the new generations and once again confirmed the brotherhood of our nations and Orthodox spirituality.” – said the author.