Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Open Day at RSHC

Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center continued the tradition of Nis educational institutions’ patronage: business-school and Faculty of Labour Protection. Young Serbs already twice took part in specialised competitions in Russia, RSHC rescuers spoke to students, the Center hold “Open Days” regularly, etc. So on the 6th of October RSHC again open its doors to young guests and professors.

Director Bojan Glamoclija and kodirector Vjaceslav Vlasenko from the RSHC side and Miodrag Popovic from the Nis fire unit took part in this activity.

The event included short speeches, film projection and rescue equipment demonstration. The main and the most interesting part of the event took place at the training ground “The Rescuer Path”. Guests had the possibility to try training elements, such as vertical ascent on the climbing gym and the “suspension bridge” exercise.

RSHC hopes that the gained knowledge will be useful for young Serbs and helps them to choose future profession.