Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Serbian rescuer training extension

The practical course in industrial and mountain climbing focused on rescue operations was held on the training ground «The Rescue Path» in Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center for Serbian rescuers from Nis fire-rescue unit of MI RS in period from 26th to 30th of September.

The course program was made with the goal to cover the most difficult rescue moments, such as vertical, diagonal ascend and descend, work in the elevator shaft and victim rescuing. The final training and exam at the same time was held as the group ascent at Sicevacka gorge. Serbian rescuers got practical knowledge in a field of search and rescue with the use of alpinism equipment. That was a new training element for them.

The training ground «The Rescue Path» was made by RSHC representatives in short term as a response to the need of improving the Serbian fire-rescue units’ efficiency.