Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Serbian specialists were on course in Russia

On 26 of September, 2 groups of Serbian specialists from Emergency Management Sector of the MI RS started training courses in high educational institutions of EMERCOM – Civil Defense Academy in Moscow and Saint Petersburg University of State Fire Service. The topics were "Crisis Management" and "Response and Fire-fighting on Chemical Industry Facilities".

Programs consist of theoretical and practical parts. They include visiting of training center, fire-fight unit and Kirishi oil refinery, familiarisation with the work of operational group in National Center for Emergency Management.

RSHC is actively realising specialists’ training and educational events at the Russian EMERCOM Universities’ potential since the autumn 2014. Till now more than 300 Serbian rescuers have taken the advanced professional training in Russia. Since 2016 specialists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia also participate.

Training also takes place in Serbia, held by Centrospas rescuers – the elite EMERCOM unit. On 26th of September the new training course on industrial and mountain alpinism and rescuer operations started in RSHC on training ground “The rescuer Path”.