Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Russian rescuers visiting Serbian training exercises

Centorspas rescuers from RSHC, leaded by Igor Petrov, were invited to participate as observers on training exercises of fire-rescue unit "Kosutnjak" from Belgrade garrison on September 21st. The topic was "The rescue from rubbles in urban environment".

The three-days training program provided practices in fire-rescue techniques for victims evacuation from rubble, as well as canyons and other difficult to reach places.

Russian rescuers had possibility to observe the training process and to compare the life-saving techniques used in Serbia with Russian methods. At the end of the day, the RSHC representatives met with the garrison chief Mile Jovicic and the chief of fire-rescue units from Emergency Management Sector of the MI RS Sasa Rancic. They discussed the perspectives for Russian-Serbian cooperation in the professional field and, in particular, issue of retraining Serbian rescuers according to Russian methods using the latest technologies. Separately, the conversation included the training ground "The Rescuer Path" - the training element, built on Center's territory in Nis, made to develop skills in industrial and mountain climbing. This training element exist only in RSHC.

From their side, Centrospas rescuers also verified their readiness to transfer their experience to Serbian colleagues.