Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Project Parachin-8

From 2008 Serbian-Russian unit carries out works for humanitarian demining, which began with the clearing of some areas around Nish and Constantine the Great airport in city suburb.

More then 4,785,087 square meters of Serbian territories were cleaned from explosive devices, more than 13 thousands unexploded facilities were found and destroyed. They stayed in ground from the First and Second World Wars, after the NATO bombing in 1999 and the explosion at the military depot in Parachin in October 2006.

Humanitarian demining guarantees the security of land's future use for industrial or agricultural works and it is one of the tasks of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in Nish. Project is realising through EMERCOM-DEMINING (company of Russian Ministry of Emergency) and Serbian structures. International organisation of civil defense (ICDO) provided extensive assistance in this project, while the Russian side is financing the work.

The unit started the new work season in 2016. These days RSHC delegation visited the territory that needs to be cleaned. The unit Chief Bogdan Pilipchuk held the briefing; also the cleaned territory and other project elements were demonstrated. Guests got familiarised with founded weapon samples and discussed cooperation issues.