Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Тhe first phase of “The rescuer path” training ground equipping is completed

The first phase of “The rescuer path” training ground equipping is completed. The complex was created by RSHC representatives, Centrospas rescuers O. Ganiev, V.Peregudov and M. Ponurovskiy. It combines Russian rescuers experience, Serbian nature specifics and requirements of Serbian Emergency management sector by Ministry of Interior.

“The Path” consists of five parts: testing out the climbing skills on various banisters, ascent based on system SRT, working out the rescue skills in deep wells, mines, caves, canyons and fissures, also the movement of the victim on a stretcher with the accompanying.

In the future, there are plans to expand the training complex and add new training sets. It is also planned that the second group of Serbian rescuers will start the training course in September this year.