Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Training course completing

The first rescuer group from Nis' fire-rescue unit Sector for ES finished training course on “The rescuer path”. Certificates were given upon course completion.

The complex combines Russian rescuers experience and Serbian nature specifics. “The rescuer path” consists of two parts: system of vertical simulators on the RSHC territory and field part on the mountain terrain.

Local rescuers tested new equipment, got acquainted with safety issues, made the vertical, horizontal, diagonal ascent-descent, worked in a thick smoke, etc.

The course was finished by the group climb to the Sicevacka gorge. Firefighters demonstrated knowledge in practice (the mountain ascent), shown skills in search and rescue using climbing equipment.

The deputy of Sector for Emergency Situations Boban Stevanovic, Sektor representatives Vlada Plemic and Dragan Doncevski, portreeve Dragoslav Pavlovic, chief deputy from the Nis fire-rescue unit Marko Radovanovic, representatives of the Embassy of Russian Federation in Serbia, gendarmerie and Serbian Mountain Rescue Service attended the opening ceremony.

The audience discussed the possibilities of “Path” further use to continue the local specialists training. The first group head Miodrag Popovic noted the course importance for young Serbian rescuers professional development in a field of the working on heights, also for getting skills in working with modern Russian rescue technologies.