Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Delegation of Republic of Srpska Civil Defense Office came to Nis

On August 3rd, Center board met with the delegation of Republic of Srpska Civil Defense Office, leaded by the Director Mile Medjed. The guests received introduction about the Center's main acting fields, saw the rescue equipment samples, and spoke about the practical cooperation perspective and possibilities of signing working documents.

Delegates were strongly interested in the training ground course “The rescuer path”, which was made by “Centrospas” representatives. Oleg Ganiev gave detailed information about the expected rescue results to the colleagues from Banja Luka.

Mile Dedjed shown interest in the professional training of his representatives on the Center's territory and including them in the educational groups which ware sent to the high educational institutions of EMERCOM in Russia.

The information exchange, relevance of space monitoring results, thermo points localization during the period of seasonal fires were also discussed in details.