Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Training ground opening

The training ground called “The rescuer path” was opened within Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center on July 27th. It was created by Center’s representatives, “Centrospas” rescuers leaded by Oleg Ganiev.

The complex combines Russian rescuers experience and Serbian nature specifics. “The rescuer path” consists of two parts: system of vertical simulators on the RSHC territory and field part an the Sicevacka gorge.

The representives of Nis fire-rescue unit, Serbian Mountain Rescue Service and the Embassy of Russian Federation in Serbia attended the opening ceremony. During the complex presentation there was a demonstration of vertical ascent-descent, including ability to work in a thick smoke.

The first rescue group will start the seven-day training course from August 1st.

Complex was created based on request of the Nis University students – future specialists on labour protection. In May they have already tried some elements of the complex.