Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC team at Drina regatta

RSHC representatives are taking part at International sailing competition “Regatta on Drina” between July 22nd-24th. Regatta on Drina is one of the biggest events in western and central Serbia, where many professional and volunteering organisations from Serbia will participate with more than 1000 boats and yachts. RSHC team will sail with 4 boats stretching 23km between Bajina Basta and Rogatica.

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs A. Vulin will be among the members of a boat crew which will be managed by Russian rescuer O. Ganiev. Aleksandar Vulin appreciated the Center representatives’ work and skills, and highlighted the Center’s efforts in regatta organisation and security.

The Minister sent a letter to the Center on July 25th, where he wrote:

"I would like to thank to Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center for support and providing help to people with disabilities to participate in the regatta. The Ministry specially appreciates the Center’s readiness to help when it is needed, whether during the flood or the migrant crisis.

Thank you that Serbian citizens can always count on you".