Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC helps again in resolving migrant crisis in Serbia

Russian-Serbian humanitarian center (RSHC) continues to help Serbia in resolving the refugee crisis. In October 30 tents, stoves, 2 powerful diesel generators and about 1,500 blankets were delivered to the Sector for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia. After the procedure of delivery of equipment a press-conference was held, where newly appointed executives of RSHC – Bojan Glamoclija (director) and Vadim Seregin (co-director) – presented themselves to the audience. Then they answered the questions of the Serbian media.

In August 2015, RSHC was one of the first organizations who assisted Serbia to equip the temporary refugee camps in Presevo (on the border with Macedonia) and Kanjiza (on the border with Hungary). The number of refugees who cross the border of Serbia is increasing: since the end of October around 6000 migrants arrive daily to Serbia from Macedonia.

As the director of RSHC Bojan Glamoclija stated, a part of the provided assistance will be used in the refugee reception center in Sid (on the border with Croatia), but the capacity of the Center will also be used for the needs of Serbian citizens. Co-director of the Center Vadim Seregin highlighted that all humanitarian aid that RSHC delivers to Serbia is in accordance with the demands of the Sector for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia.

Answering on journalists' questions, Vadim Serjogin shared his plans for the Center in future:

- First of all, this is humanitarian aid to Serbia and to the other countries of the Balkan region in case of emergency. We will also continue to develop the exchange of information with countries of the region for the analysis and prevention of emergency situations. An important part of work is the training of search and rescue specialists from Serbia and the neighboring countries by Russian experts. We will also work on creating of the search and rescue equipment adapted for Serbia. You know, the Russian Emergencies Ministry has a motto - "Warning, Rescuing, Supporting ". Our task is to transform every part of this motto into action.

The events of the October 30 were also attended by the chief of the administrative district of Nis Aleksandar Cvetkovic, the head of the police department of the city of Nis Srdjan Grekulovic, deputy mayor of the city of Nis Zarko Rankovic and other staff of the Sector for Emergency Situations Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia.