Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Discussions about RSHC during International Congress in Moscow

From 12 to 14 October in Moscow was held an international congress “Global and National Disaster Management Strategies” where participated representatives of more than 70 countries. Congress was organized in the Fundamental library of the Moscow State University and in the State fire academy of EMERCOM of Russia.

During the Congress have been held a meeting between the Minister of the Russian Federation of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov and the head of the Department of Civil Protection of the Council of Ministers of Italy Fabrizio Curcio. Among other things, Vladimir Puchkov recommended to his Italian colleagues to take part in work of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center in the city of Nish. “We have set up a powerful humanitarian center in the Balkans, it has already proven efficiency by providing aid during floods, fires, snowfalls”, - Minister Puchkov said. “We are inviting our Italian colleagues to take part in the work of the Center”.

Also at the Congress in Moscow, Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations, member of the Board of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center Vladimir Artamonov met Executive Undersecretary of the Open Partial Agreement of the Council of Europe on natural and industrial disasters forecasting and aid Francis Pla Catelltort. During the meeting, Vladimir Artamonov proposed to consider spreading the activities of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center to European countries. “The Russian Emergencies Ministry always pays special attention to international cooperation, especially across-the-border disaster management. Namely, we are ready to share with our European colleagues capabilities of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center. We think that possible integration of the center into European security system may be of great use to European countries in future. We are ready to do everything to make this center useful for relief operations in Europe”, - Mr. Artamonov said.