Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center


Employees of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center participate in all significant and important events organized by the local public organizations, responding to invitations from the city authorities and the citizens.


It is a tradition in the Balkans for the Epiphany to have competitions in swimming after an “Honorable Cross” thrown into the water, unlike we do in Russia, where we dive into the ice hole.


From December 10 to 12, the IV International Conference of Heads of Civil Defense Educational Institutions of the ICDO Member Countries was held in Abu Dhabi (UAE). Such forums are an effective tool for developing new teaching methods, evaluating ongoing training programs and experience sharing. To ...


Тhe Russian Humanitarian Mission (RHM) is a Russian non-profit organization performing a volunteer humanitarian mission in the countries of Southeast Europe. The RHM carries out charitable activities to provide aid to victims of social, national, religious and military conflicts, develops and implem...


Employees of the Russian Serbian Humanitarian Center, along with solving the Center’s professional tasks defined by its Charter, devote a lot of time to interaction with local public organizations, participating in the events organized and conducted by city residents and responding to invitations fr...


At the invitation of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) and continuing practical cooperation with international specialized structures, the RSHC participated in the organization and conduction of the...


The next stage of training in 2019, which is being organized by the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center at higher educational institutions of EMERCOM of Russia for employees of the emergency services of the Balkan states, is going to be completed.

SPELEOLOGISTS - October 18-25, 2019

The RSHC, following its status as a humanitarian organization, continues to develop cooperation with non-governmental youth and sports organizations in Serbia. This time, the Speleology Commission of the Mountaineering association of Serbia asked the RSHC for assistance in their plan to conduct an e...

Armistice 10.11.2019

On November 11, a National holiday celebrated in Serbia - Cessation of hostilities Day in the First World War.

The Russian delegation in Serbia

On November 6, a Russian-Serbian working meeting was held in Belgrade, where Nebojsa Stefanovic - Serbian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Interior - discussed with Alexander Botan-Harchenko - the Russian Ambassador in Belgrade, issues of continuing cooperation between the countries in the field ...


Along with professional tasks defined by the Charter of the Center, the RSHC employees established friendly contacts with local public and volunteer structures, working together to strengthen human relations with local residents. An assistance has being provided to educational institutions, veteran ...


October is time of memorable events for Serbia. In 1944 the country was liberated from the Nazi invaders, paying a high price for this - lives of thousands of liberating soldiers, the Russians and the Serbs.


In accordance with the educational plan for cadets of operational courses of the Ministry of Defense of Serbia, the RSHC got a request about a possibility of visiting the Center by the cadets to get and acquainted with the history of the RSHC, humanitarian tasks, cooperation with specialized service...


As you know, the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia (GSS) is one of the important partners of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center among national volunteer specialized structures. According to the complexity of the tasks carried out by the GSS and the desire of the management of this organization ...

AGZ Course-Explosives-16-27.9.19

In the second half of the 2019 academic year, the RSHC continued to implement one of its main tasks – assistance to Balkan colleagues to improve their practical skills and qualifications.


The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is actively involved in the training process for the staff of the Sector of emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior in Serbia. These days more than 25 Serbian specialists are improving their professional knowledge at the universities of the EMERCOM of...

Subotica 10.10.2019

October is a time of memorable events for Serbia. In 1944 the country was liberated from the Nazi invaders, paying a high price for this such as thousands of lives of liberating soldiers, Russians and Serbians.


On September 5 in the vicinity of the town of Doboj, the village of Riteshich, the Republika Srpska (RS) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) a celebration took place at the initiative of the Society of Russian-Serbian Friendship and Unity of Orthodox Peoples with its chairman Zoran Gaich. Since 2009, th...

Volunteer Firefighters Day in Serbia

Every year on September 27, our Serbian colleagues from the voluntary fire organizations of Serbia celebrate their professional holiday - Volunteer Firefighters Day.

Deligrad 04.09.2019.

The small town of Deligrad celebrated the events of the distant 1804, when a battle between the detachments of the rebelled Serbs and the Turkish enslavers took place in its vicinity.

The Circle of Serbian Sisters

In the cultural history of the Serbian people, there are few organizations and associations which political changes did not interfere with their work and continuity. There are very few organizations, which have historically managed to resume work and return to the Serbian social arena. The Circle of...

St. Petersburg September 19

In the period of September 9-14, a conference and a seminar of representatives of various specialized institutes of the Republic of Serbia and employees of the University on cooperation in the field of training were held at the St. Petersburg University of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of E...

Laying a wreath at the monument to the fallen heroes Gorni Matejevac 28.08.2019

The employees of the Russian Serbian Humanitarian Center, along with their Serbian friends, participate in the social and political life of the country, celebrating its memorable and significant dates.

Hajduk Regatta 2019

The RSHC employees, together with their Serbian colleagues from the Serbian Rescue Team and representatives of other Serbian volunteer structures, conclude the summer period of 2019 with a number of activities such as competitions, and training volunteers in driving boats, and practicing rescue duri...


Sport and Rescuers

Wreaths 30.07.2019

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center, besides its professional tasks, devotes a lot of time to working with the population of the city of Nish, maintaining very close contacts with public and educational organizations.


The period of vacations ends and the second half of the 2019 academic year is approaching.

Serbian youth and the RSHC

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is taking patronage over one of the schools of the town of Zhitoradja.


The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center continues to contribute to the strengthening of friendship between the nations of Russia and Serbia, improving the equipment of the Sector units and increasing the professional level of the staff.


Российско-сербский гуманитарный центр продолжает работу по повышению квалификации балканских специалистов. Сотрудниками Центра сделано многое, но предстоит сделать еще больше, т.к. качественное и количественное развитие структурт пожарно-спасательных местных подразделений и их оснащение новейшими об...

Russian-Serbian friendship

The Russian Serbian Humanitarian Center, along with the tasks of professional training of firefighters, response to emergency situations and provision of humanitarian aid to people in need, also performs an equally important task - strengthening friendship between brother Slavic nations through publ...

Emergency Rescuer's Day in Russia

On December 27, EMERCOM of Russia traditionally celebrates its professional holiday - the Emergency Rescuer’s Day of the Russian Federation. Every year leaders of relevant government agencies, firefighters and rescuers from across the country, colleagues from other Ministries and organizations, fore...

A group of Serbian doctors in Nikiforov’s All-Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine

The service of firefighters and rescuers is a difficult and dangerous job, unfortunately, sometimes in order to save others, they become victims of extraordinary circumstances themselves. Considering the rich experience of Russian doctors working in the field of disaster medicine, the Sector of emer...

Balkan specialists in the State Fire Academy of Emercom of Russia

As part of the implementation of the advanced training plan of specialists in the field of emergency response of the Balkan countries in higher education institutions of EMERCOM of Russia for 2018, a group of chiefs from the Sector of emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia and re...


The monastery Studenica is the world-famous heritage of the Serbian people, which is included in the UNESCO book of cultural treasures of mankind. So now it is time for the modern generation of the Serbs to contribute to the protection of this cultural wealth from wildfires. The Government of Serbi...

Training in water rescue in winter time

From 9 to 16 December, a group of specialists from the Sector of emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia had an advanced training course at the St. Petersburg University of the State Fire Service of the EMERCOM of Russia. The topic of this course was “Rescue and work on the water ...

Exercise in Ruma

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is actively involved in the training process of the Sector of emergency situations of the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia’s staff. So these days in the Universities of the EMERCOM of Russia, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, more than 20 Serbian specialists are...

The Russians in Nish

On December 4 representatives of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center participated in the events dedicated to the Day of Military Veterans held at the military hospital in the city of Nish. Representatives of various organizations, the Ministry of Defense, the city authorities, representatives of...

The Balkan dog handlers in Russia

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center (RSHC) continues to implement its annual programs for advanced training of national specialists – the employees of emergency services from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. The topics of the courses are determined by the Management of the national ...

RSHC and Lada Niva are ready to help again

Winter began and snowfalls and problems on roads came with cold weather. On November 29th at 15:00 RSHC received a telephone message about emergency in Pirot area. In village Radosin (20 kilometers away from Babusnica) older woman Stojanka Radenkovic had health problems that required urgent ...

Balkan specialists in EMERCOM training centers

RSHC continues its work to improve the professional level of Balkan specialists. The newest group completed course on a topic “Methodology of work in specialized training centers and programs for emergencies management” on the basis of the Civil Defense Academy of the Russian Emergencies...

ICDO Seminar in Moscow

International Seminar for representatives of high educational institutions of countries-participants of the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) was held at the Civil Defense Academy of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies. Representatives of universities and civil defense services from...

WW2 memorial in Jagodina

WW2 memorial complex on the hill near Jagodina was built in 1962, hosting 1170 Red Army soldiers and officers who died in battles for the freedom of its Slavic brothers.

The Russian hospital in Prokuplje as a symbol of friendship

During the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, Belgrade was under international blockade and international humanitarian organizations were evacuated from the country. More than 500 thousand refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina who were situated in Serbia at that time found themselves in...

Nis - Geneva

On November 21st, video conference was held in RSHC using the technical capabilities of the Crisis Management Center. This type of communication, in other words, “television bridge”, allows to discuss issues with those structures that own similar equipment.

Russian rescuers at speleological exercises

On the second day of their stay in Serbia, the newly arrived RSHC rescue team went to international speleological exercises “Suvi Ponor 2017” in Kopana Glavica. More than 70 rescuers, professionals and volunteers from Slovenia, Bulgaria and Poland came to the event. Russia was represented...

New team of rescuers in RSHC

Every three months, a new rescuing team arrives to the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center. It is a team of professionals from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. They are selected in accordance with their experience and profile areas that are most relevant for Serbia.

Meeting in the Ministry of public administration and local self-government

RSHC received an invitation to participate in a meeting of representatives from regions and local governments. The meeting topic was “Reducing the risk of emergencies and preventing their occurrence”.

Workshops at Nis university

By the request of University of Belgrade and Nis and the Academy of the Serbian Ministry of Interior, for the third consecutive year RSHC has been continuing to organize workshops at the profile faculties of these universities. This time, in November, the Center representatives Alexander Zubov...

Visit to the RSHC

The Russian-Serbian humanitarian center works with many ministries and institutions of Serbia.

Firefighter Day in Nis

RSHC representatives together with the city administration and emergency services staff were invited by leadership of Nis fire and rescue unit to participate in celebration dedicated to Firefighter Day.

RSHC and Ambulance

After a series of trainings in Belgrade and Sombor conducted by RSHC staff for a local audience on the interaction of emergency services in case of joint action on traffic incident, Serbian colleagues asked the Center for a similar activity for employees of Belgrade ambulance. Alexander Zubov ...

International exercises and conference in Croatia

In October 2017, by the request from the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia (GSS), RSHC provided its training ground for a joint training of dog handlers from GSS and the Mountain Rescue Service of Croatia (GSSC) on urban rescue with the help of canine. Despite the rainy weather, the training ...

Rescuers to the Serbian children

The Center continues to work with the younger generation by sharing its knowledge and experience through practical training. In particular, evacuation exercises were conducted in the school "Kosta Abrasevic" in Resnik (suburb of Belgrade). The event was organized by scout unit named after ...

Serbian professors in St. Petersburg

By the request from the Emergency Management Sector of the Serbian Ministry of Interior, RSHC organized the educational trip for professors from specialized faculties of Serbia (Belgrade and Nis Universities, the Academy of the Serbian MI), representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the city ...

Balkan sappers in the Emergency Ministry Academy

The topic of clearing Balkan lands from explosive items which stayed after the numerous wars of 20th century was and still is very important issue requiring the authorities decision. Almost every day teams of specialists-sappers go for the location of explosives.

RSHC in Sombor

Keeping in mind the implementation of the Center's tasks in a field of cooperation with local professional and volunteer specialized services, Centrospas representatives - RSHC rescuers traveled to Vojvodina to participate in joint exercises of the Ambulance and the Fire and Rescue Unit of Sombor...

Working week in RSHC

The Center's co-director Victor Gulevich started active working in Serbia. On October 16th, he visited Belgrade emergency center, participated in a working meeting with city deputy mayor Andreja Mladenovic, who expressed his gratitude to Russia and RSHC for cooperation and interaction in ...

Scouts of Serbia and RSHC

The Center continues to work with the scout unit named after Major Dragutin Gavrilovic. This time it was joint training exercises of RSHC, scouts and local firefight unit in one of Belgrade schools.

14th of October – the memorable day

October is the month of commemorative and sad events in Nis. During these autumn days the city was liberated from the invaders in both world wars.

RSHC in Geneva

By fulfilling provisions of the working protocol signed with the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) and acting as an affiliated member of it, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center actively cooperates with this organization in various fields: training, provision of equipment, work...

Workshops in the Serbian universities

As a continuation of interacting with the specialized universities of Serbia, RSHC representatives held classes at the Faculty of Security of the University of Belgrade and the Academy of the Serbian Ministry of Interior this week. The purpose of such workshops is to increase the knowledge of students...

Croatian and Serbian volunteers in RSHC

On October 7th and 8th, joint training session of the Serbian and Croatian Mountain Rescue Services (GSS and HGSS) took place at RSHC territory. These structures are voluntary, but their high training level and good equipment are widely known among specialists. Therefore, when GSS asked to use the ...

RSHC at practical training in Bulgaria

While volunteer-rescuers from the Mountain Rescue Services of Croatia and Serbia trained in the Center, RSHC rescuers went to Bulgaria to the International Cave Rescue Meeting organized by the European Cave Rescue Association (ECRA), one of the largest among voluntary rescue organizations.

New representative of RSHC

Victor Gulevich started to work as Co-Director of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center from October 2nd. On the same day, the representative of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations A. Avdeev, the Center's director B. Glamoclija and acting co-director V.Vlasenko introduced V.P. Gulevich...

Humane mission on the Balkans

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations saves not only human lives, but also warms our souls.

Symposium on emergency medicine in Vojvodina

By the invitation from Emergency Management Sector and Vojvodina health care structures, RSHC representatives took part in the 3rd International symposium of emergency service personnel. The theme of the Symposium was “Mass casualty incidents”.

Moscow - Nis - Havana

In addition to Serbia, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia works in other countries to share its unique experience with local specialists through teaching training centers.

New academic year at RSHC

Since 2014, the RSHC has trained more than 300 employees of the emergency services of Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the EMERCOM of Russia, but most of them are employees of Serbian Ministry of Interior.

Serbs in St. Petersburg

Annual international competition of firefighters and rescuers for the prize of V. Dekhtyaryov took place in St. Petersburg. It was held more than 30 times among employees of gas rescuing services. More than ten teams perticipated in competition from different regions of Russia and from abroad...

Trip of memory for Serbian and Russian heroes

The Serbian Ministry of Defense has continued the glorious tradition of worship and memory to Serbian and Russian soldiers who fell in the battles of the Balkan wars and World War I.

New training in RSHC

Serbia and the Balkans are mostly mountainous regions. Knowing the specific organization of assistance and rescue in such areas is necessary for local rescuers.

Correspondents of the newspaper “Vesti” visited the Russian-Serbian humanitarian demining unit

In 2017, the Government of Republic of Serbia made a request to the Government of the Russian Federation to continue with providing assistance for humanitarian demining of Serbian lands and the Russian side confirmed its consent. In August of this year, on the basis of this decision, work began on ...

RSHC in media focus

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center stays in focus of Balkan media, its doors are always open to all journalists from Russia, Serbia and the region. There is not a single week without visits of media representatives.

Happy start of the school year!

The new school year has begun. Educational institutions, their managers and lecturers started with the implementation of curricula. One of the tasks of the Center is to solve educational issues and to cooperate with the local structures in the best possible way.

Moscow - Nis

Over the five years of its existence, the RSHC has managed to develop traditions which include the obligatory visit of rescuers arriving from Moscow to their colleagues and "brothers in the firefights" - local firefighters-rescuers from the subdivision of the city of Nis.

Cossacks in Serbia

Members of the RSHC participated in events in the vicinity of the city of Aleksinac on August 29th, dedicated to Russian volunteers who fell in the Serbian-Turkish war of 1876-1878.

MI-8 from the Russian EMERCOM in Serbia

Monthly duty in Serbia of helicopter MI-8 from the Russian Emergency Ministry ends on August 31st.

Cargo from Russia

The Russian side continues to fulfill its obligations following the agreement from 2012 about the establishment of the Center and implementing the intergovernmental Agreement from 2009 about cooperation in a field of emergency humanitarian response, continues to supply property and equipment ...

Rescue operations in mountains

Between August 14th and 19th, the Center‘s staff and vehicle Niva, equipped for rescue and medical operations, participated in securing international paragliding competition on Kopaonik.

Visiting the company Tigar

The RSHC leadership, after invitation from directorate of the largest Serbian enterprise producing rubber products (from sporting products to orders of the Ministry of Defense) visited company Tigar in Pirot on August 18th.

Guests of the Center

The Center was visited by representatives of the municipal administrations of Ljubovija and Bajina Basta on August 17th.

Rotation in RSHC

Since August 16th, a new team of professional rescuers from Centrospas unit starts to work: Pavel Shevlyakov, Alexander Zubov and Stanislav Isaev. They have wide practical experience of operations both in Russia and abroad, but each of them, being a multifaceted specialist, has his own favorite...

The RSHC and disabled people in Serbia

In late July, the rescuers of the Center together with colleagues from the Team of Rescuers of Serbia and the Red Cross, participated in the all-Serbian humanitarian action - assistance in organizing the regatta "Drina unites us 2017" and ensuring security for its participants. The ...

The Russian helicopter crew met with mayor of Nis

MI-8 crew members, who by agreement between Moscow and Belgrade are fighting against fires in Serbia, were invited by the mayor of Nis Mr. Darko Bulatovic to visit the city hall as honorable guests on August 15th.

Firefighters of Raska

Participating in the security operation at international paragliding competition in Kopaonik area, RSHC leadership (Bojan Glamoclija and Viacheslav Vlasenko) used a chance to visit the fire and rescue unit of Raska.

Chronicle of MI-8 fight with fires on August 11th-12th

The Emergency Management Sector of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia is the headquarters of the fight against fires in the country. The information comes here, the most dangerous places are determined and decisions are made on the use of forces and means.

All about the helicopter of the Russian EMERCOM in Nis: crew, activities

Many media representatives are addressing the Center, asking questions about MI-8 aircraft which arrived from the Russian Emergencies Ministry. The Center will try to answer the most common and important ones.

Helicopter Mi-8 extinguishes fires in Serbia

Unfortunately, the forecasts of the Serbian meteorological service were correct, the whole country was under extremely hot air frontier. That caused large-scale fires in nature.

Helicopter of the Russian EMERCOM on Serbian sky

The helicopter Mi-8 belonging to the Russian Emergency Ministry arrived at the Constantine the Great airport in Nis by the request of the Serbian side, which was based on the Serbian National Meteorological Service forecasts about extremely hot weather in August and small amount of precipitation...

Forest fire near Kladovo

Fires caused by abnormally high temperatures and minimum amount of precipitation started throughout Serbia. Local specialists are fighting with this natural disaster. Large forest areas in Kladovo region are on fire. There is additional problem there, because one of the high pressure pumps instal...

RSHC and Serbian volunteers

By carrying out tasks to increase the training level of local rescuers, the Center cooperates with both professionals and volunteers, whose role is extremely important in Serbia.

Russian humanitarians in Serbia

By chance, or perhaps driven by the desire to help to the Serbian people, two Russian organizations met in Serbia. Since 2012 RSHC helps the Serbian brothers to deal with natural and man-made emergencies and the Russian Humanitarian Mission - RHM - non-profit organization that carries out humanitarian...

Modernization of the Center

As already known, the Center’s structure was formed thanks to equipment from Russia - fire-rescue vehicles, robotics and reserves intended for use in the liquidation of consequences of emergency situations, such as fires and floods, and to ensure the actions of the personnel of the RSHC and ...

The Center on the Serbian TV

The leadership of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center on the Serbian national channel “Pink”.

RSHC on Drina

While implementing the plan of main activities, Center's operational group took part in the regatta on Drina annual event. Practically it is rafting along the Drina River with a length about 30 km from Perucac to Rogacica, which was attended by more than 15,000 people from Serbia, Russia...

EMERCOM of Russia and Prokuplje

The town of Prokuplje is well known in the Russian Emergencies Ministry, because EMERCOM deployed mobile field hospital there during NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. Russian personnel provided necessary medical assistance to all victims of the NATO air strikes there, and after the war the hospital was...

Another diplomats visited the Center

Last week, US Embassy representative visited RSHC for the first time in three years. Came, watched, questioned. Everything was shown. All questions were answered. As a result of his visit, the Center distributed a press release - brief and objective one. The answer was unexpected: “... the Center...

RSHC development

It is important to note that RSHC material basis was created in 2013-2014, when funds and equipment intended for responding to emergencies and eliminating their consequences were received from Russia. There were firefight trucks, terrain vehicles "Niva", robotic complexes and property ...

Guests of the Center

July 12th this year. The Russian-Serbian humanitarian center in Nis (RSHC) was visited by the representative of the US Embassy in Serbia, the military attaché assistant H. Garvin.

RSHC rescuers at the St. Peter and Paul patron day

After years of work in Serbia, Russians from the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center became acquainted and learned Serbian customs and traditions. The Center itself has become an integral part of Serbia and the region. Who won't admire the celebration of the patron day, which Serbs celebrated...

Operational group from RSHC visits Drina

The RSHC core activity plan for 2017 includes a list of events related to the preparation of the Operational group (OG) staff for activities in emergency situations of a natural character and the organization of reconnaissance missions in order to get acquainted with the routes and potentially...

RSHC in the spotlight

Over the past few weeks, local and international media have shown special interest in the activities of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center. In the past, many "friends" of the RSHC wrote about it as a "spy nest" and "military base".

Training - Acknowledgments

The best gratitude for provided training is practical implementation of newly gained skills that trainees have learned. We hope that staff of the emergency services of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, after their return from Russia where they have taken courses to upgrade their professional...

Fifth anniversary of the RSHC in the Civil Protection magazine

The fifth anniversary of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is a reportage in the Russian magazine Civil Protection.

From Budapest to Nis

Contacts with Hungarian colleagues from the volunteer organization of the central region of Hungary (Buda) were established more than six months ago. Hungarians visited the Center and got acquainted with its training capabilities and training base. Then the staff of the Center visited Budapest and...

Summer training sessions of RSHC - "Ibar - 2017"

Traditionally, the summer season for RSHC staff is period of preparing its material and technical base and the task force for specialized work on the water - exploring potentially dangerous areas, preparation of boats, wetsuits, life-saving appliances, vehicles, equipment for deploying a field camp...

Organizing activitities in emergencies based on St. Petersburg example

From June 17th to June 24th, a group of Serbian specialists representing various state structures including the Emergency Management Sector of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, the Red Cross, NIS and administration of the city of Nis, participated in training about organizing emergency responses ...

The RSHC and refugees

At the border with Macedonia in Presevo, a ceremony was held on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of points of reception and accommodation of refugees in Serbia on June 20th.

RSHC team at the Nisava Regatta

The participation of the RSHC staff in sports events, held both in Nis and in other cities of the country, has become traditional.

Scouts are future assistants to firefighters-rescuers

The Center pays great attention to working with Serbian youth. A few days ago, a group of Serbian teenagers returned from Rostov-on-Don in Russia, where they studied theory and practice in the field camp, and from Monday the scouts from Major Dragutin's unit were trained at the RSHC. Scouts...

Euronews about the RSHC

The RSHC continues to be in the focus of attention of media, both local and foreign. The special status of the Center, its tasks, and indeed the name itself - Russian-Serbian, do not give rest to publishers. Today, the Center was visited by the correspondent of Euronews in the Balkans...

Centrospas in Vojvodina

One of the important activities of the RSHC, along with the interaction with local professional firefighters, is to work with voluntary firefighters, to improve their training level. In the business of salvation from fire, there are no superfluous people, everyone is important.

Serbian pupils in Rostov-on-Don

Over the time the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center recognised the great interest of Serbian schoolchildren and young people in firefighting and rescue activities, and thus did a lot - it patronizes schools in Nis, regularly holding open days in the RSHC, in cooperation with the ...

Serbian professionals at the exhibition "Integrated Safety 2017"

Delegation of high ranked representatives from Serbia and the region are improving their qualifications and knowledge by attending a training course "System of Civil Protection in the city" this week. Delegation consists of Head of EMS of MI RS Predrag Maric, responsible officials ...

The Police Day in Nis

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center actively cooperates with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia. For instance, representatives of the Emergency Management Sector from the Ministry of Interior are participating in specialist courses at educational institutions of the ...

Russian rescuers work with children

This week in the RSHC is dedicated to work with the children. Employees of the Center, professional rescuers, were invited to a business school in Nis, where in honor of the celebration of the School Day, the exercises of future firefighters were held. Russian experts were present ...


Continuing the tradition of cooperation with the Automotive Union of Serbia, the operational group of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center visited off-road racing in the suburb of Belgrade. A lot of different vehicles underwent a medium-difficulty landscape, showing their driving skills.

Specialists from Balkan are studying in St. Petersburg

During the whole week, professional rescuers of the Balkan states passed an advanced training course at the St. Petersburg University of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia. The program "Search and rescue operations on mountain rivers" was specially prepared...

The motto of the week: Rescue on mountain rivers

RSHC motto for this week is “Rescue on fast water”. The group of Balkan specialists began with the course on the topic “Search and rescue on mountain rivers” in St. Petersburg. At the same time, operational group of the Center held practical training about flood response on...

New rescuing team has arrived

New rescue squad came to the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center this week. They are experienced specialists from Moscow department of Centrospas unit: Dmitriy Koriniy, Alexandr Zinichenko and Andrey Dikunov. Newcomers have wide experience in different rescuing fields.

IGC: Russia - BiH

During five years working in Serbia, Russian-serbian humanitarian center has become an integral part of the Balkans, its socio-political, socio-economic and cultural life of the region.

RSHC in Valletta

After the invitation from the leadership of the European structure of volunteer rescue organizations, the RSHC staff, implementing the international component of the Center's work, participated in the conference of volunteer rescue services "Rescue volunteers: an unified approach"...

RSHC at sport competition of Serbian Police Independent Labor Union

RSHC representatives took part in 3rd sport competitions of Serbian Police Independent Labor Union. Тhe event was organized by Sabac local point. Program included competitions at the sports grounds in the open air at different sports: football, basketball, rope pulling, etc.

May 9th - RSHC

May 9th is the Victory Day, an important and bright date for both of our nations. This is the day when we remember those who were fighting to the last patron, defending their towns and villages in the most difficult days of the war!

Serbian politicians in the RSHC

On May 8th, representatives of the Serbian People's Party headed by its leader Nenad Popovich and other high-ranking functionaries visited the RSHC.

RSHC and company Drager

On May 5th, an exhibition of rescue equipment by company Drager was organized on the territory of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center in Nis, under the motto "We will ensure your safety". The firm cooperates with regional emergency services, and the quality of its products is known...

The RSHC and the Ministry of Labor of Serbia

The Russian-Serbian humanitarian center, as a humanitarian non-profit organization, is objectively involved in social life of Serbia.

Russian rescuers in Montenegro

Three Centrospas rescuers participated in a comprehensive training as representatives of the Center near Bar in Montenegro from April 28 to May 2. Their activities included canyoning, training of descent and ascent at the gorge with vertical segments.

RSHC at training of NIS

The company NIS "Oil Industry of Serbia" and RSHC in Nis are neighbors, they share a common border with each other. But good relationship arose not only because of it. It is extremely important for the company to ensure security at its objects and especially in matters of fire safety ...

RSHC Board meeting: perspectives of development and expansion

Within the international forum “RSHC: 5 years at the Balkans” an in-person meeting of the Board of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center was held, at which perspectives of its development were discussed.

The 5th Anniversary of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

On April 26 in sunny Nis, RSHC team celebrated its fifth birthday! In honor of this jubilee, the International Forum “5 Years in the Balkans: Lessons and Conclusions” was held on the territory of the Center.

RSHC – 5 years

Representatives of Russia and Serbia signed the Agreement about founding the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center in a strong heart of Europe, in South Serbian city Nis on April 2012. This unique Center was created to fulfill solely humanitarian goals, such as help, rescue, cooperation in ...

Russian EMERCOM transfers its experience to Balkan firefighters-rescuers

Fighting with large-scale fires is extremely important theme for the Balkan states since various circumstances: hot and dry climate, old-style cities construction, same as lack of modern machines and equipment in local fire and rescue services.

Scouts of Serbia

Last week, a meeting was held between representatives of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in Nis and members of the scout squad named after Major Dragutin Gavrilovich.

Risk of forest fires

As another summer is coming, with hot and dry weather, the risk of forest fires is increasing. We still remember disastrous wildland fires in Serbia and BiH in 2012. Thanks to EMERCOM of Russia who provided airplanes, forest resources of Serbia were rescued because insufficiently developed road ...

Nis remembers

At the begin of German invasion on Yugoslavia, in early morning on April 8th 74 years ago, German aviation bombed Nis. Like in Belgrade two days earlier, it was done in morning hours when people were going to work. Approximately 500 citizens lost their lives and many buildings were destroyed...

Russian and Serbian rescuers – brothers forever

New team of rescuers from Centrospas unit come to Nis every three months. Their task is to exchange experience during practical trainings and, if needed, participation in emergency elimination.

The Center reveals its secrets

The political life of Europe is full of events and many of them are taking place on Balkans. These days the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center got attention from the journalists from the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland. Johanna Melen from Swedish National Radio, Johanna Turtiainen...

NATO aggression

Today Serbia is remembering one of the saddest dates in history - the 18th anniversary of the NATO aggression. NATO operation against Former Yugoslavia had started on 24th of March 1999. NATO forces bombed Yugoslav facilities without UN mandate and state government consent.

Balkan experts in Saint Petersburg

The group of Balkan firefighters-rescuers is training at St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia this week. The theme of course is “Rescue operations in traffic accidents”. The group consists of experienced specialists from Serbia, BIH and Nis municipality.

Training of firefighter-rescuers in Nis

The practice of RSHC participating in trainings of colleagues from the Emergency Management Sector became usual. Lot of Serbian experts from Nis firefight unit already passed its training courses in Russia and at the Center' training base in Nis.

Balkan youth and RSHC

The conference for young people from Balkan states was organized by Faculty of Security of Belgrade University and took place at Zlatibor in period from March 20th to 22nd of March. Students came from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. This conference is unique by its form and ...

RSHC, 12 - 18 of March 2017.

This week for RSHC was full of activities. The working group from the Russian Emergency Ministry came to the Center. It consisted of representative of international relations department Sergey Karavaycev, deputy director of EMERCOM Agency Igor Scherbakov, representative of Tuapse Search and ...

The school year in Russia has begun

Based on request fom Emergency Management Sector, since 2014 the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center organizes professional courses at high educational institutions of EMERCOM of Russia.

International conference in Belgrade

The Center representatives took part in international conference “The cooperation of emergency services during traffic accidents”.

Expanding RSHC training capacities

The training ground “The Rescuer Path” which was created within the Center, RSHC is expanding with the additional space. It will be used for the exercises in a field of urban rescue from the rubble. The territory of destroyed factory of reinforced concrete structures has been chosen ...

Nis – Belgorod – RSHC

Group of Russian students from Belgorod University visited RSHC as a part of cooperation between the Center and Faculty of Occupational Safety in Nis.

Happy 8th of March!

Congratulations with the International Women's Day to all ladies of Serbia, Russia and other countries all around the world!

Centrospas remembers about RSHC

The replacement for strong and responsible team headed by Ivan Sulaev came from EMERCOM. New rescue squad consist of Valeriy Gubanov, Aleksey Sokolov and Dmitriy Utyuz. They will work now at the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center. The head Valeriy Gubanov is working at Russian Emergency ...

March 1st – World Civil Defense Day

World Civil Defense Day is celebrated every year on March 1st. It is special day for RSHC, since the Center works for the development of civil defense system on Balkans. Also, International Organization of Civil Defense got the status of “international institution” on the March 1st...

Academy of civil defense in Nis

RSHC and Academy of civil defense signed agreement about cooperation in education in 2014. The academy is famous educational institution of Russian EMERCOM. Already 8 groups of Serbian experts went for professional improvement to Moscow, studying “Crisis management”, “Civil defense...

Memorable date for Serbian people

The Toplica uprising was the Serbian rebellion in 1917 carried out by the Serbian people in the Toplica district against the Bulgarian occupation force.

RSHC on Kopaonik

International skiing competition, organized by Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia (GSS), took place at Kopaonik in period from February 24th to 25th. Sportists came from Montenegro, Croatia, Republic Srpska, Slovakia and Romania.

The training process in RSHC gains momentum

The training process in 2017 started with theoretical classes at Universities in Belgrade and Nis. Now it was time for practical course “Alpine climbing: basis train” at the ground “The Rescuer Path” in period from February 20th to 24th.

Assistant of rescuer

Despite all scientific and technical progress of 21st century, dog is still main assistant of rescuer in search operations in forest and mountains. Cynologist and his dog is a single well- set mechanism.

New knowledge for Serbian youth

Keeping in mind a great interest of Serbian youth to practical classes in emergencies field, RSHC continues the practice of holding thematic classes in high educational institutions of Serbia. This week Ivan Sulaev and Tatjana Petkovic spoke about INSARAG and rescue unit “Centrospas” ...

From Geneva to Nis

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center became ICDO affiliate member in May 2016. That means that the Center got possibility to participate in ICDO activities and to be a part of united international community of emergency services, including more than 70 member states.

RSHC at Hungarian training

Among main tasks (participation in the training exercises of Serbian firefighters, assistance in emergency elimination, holding of educational course for Serbian colleagues on the Center base and in Russia) RSHC leadership pays great attention to cooperation with the relevant agencies from ...

RSHC and humanitarian activities

Emergency Management Sector of Ministry of Interior of Serbia asked RSHC to review the possibility to temporarily borrow portable generator to the hospital in Ljubovija and its Hemodialysis center. Available capacities cannot provide continuous power supply to the life support machines in ...

Rescuers and lawyers

RSHC activities draw attention of different ministries and institutions of Serbia. So representatives of Ministry of Justice leaded by advisor of Penal Correction Department Goran Nesic came to Nis, to the Center. The goal was to explore, to discuss and maybe to find sphere for cooperation.

Balkan emergency experience

International seminar “Regional Countries in Matters of Emergency Response” was held by the Serbian Association of emergency situations in Belgrade on February 3rd. The goal was to exchange emergency experience between Balkan states.

Training courses in Saint-Petersburg in 2017

During last 3 years the Center had many practical activities. About 300 Serbian experts passed training courses in Russia. Half of them were trained at the St. Petersburg University of the State Fire Service of Russian EMERCOM. Training of Serbian colleagues, along with activities on prevention...

Serbian gymnasium - Russian classroom

In addition to the tasks of humanitarian assistance, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is involved in social life as well. The Center cooperates with local educational institutions.

Nis University. January

On January 27th the Center representative Ivan Sulaev finished with the January course of lectures at Nis University at the Faculty of Occupational Safety.

RSHC and Serbian winter

Emergency humanitarian respond and participation in prevention and elimination of emergency situations is one of the Center tasks. For its realisation RSHC has reserves, such as tents, stoves, generators and many other staff that may be useful in extreme conditions.

RSHC and its electronic center

The working meeting between emergency monitoring specialists was held in the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center in Nis. Prevention and elimination of natural disasters consequences was the object of discussion.

Training in Nis

Due the realisation of educational program in specialised universities of Serbia Ivan Sulaev and Tatjana Petkovic held “the Russian classes” in Nis University (the Occupational Safety Faculty) on 19th and 20th of January.

Epiphany swim in Danube and RSHC

The traditional swimming on Orthodox holiday of Epiphany was hold in Serbia despite the extreme low temperatures and ice cold rivers. The main one was on Danube in Zemun (Belgrade). There was the solemn liturgy and procession leaded by the Serbian Patriarch Irinej. He blessed the participants and...

Apatin in ice blockade

Due to the extremely low temperatures in Serbia, 90 percents of Serbian rivers were iced up. Such phenomenon was recorded here only three times in past hundred years.

Winter in Prokuplje and its citizens

During this week, the Center’s operational group participated in unscheduled duty in Prokuplje firefight unit caused by extreme low temperatures and heavy snowfalls.

New Year 2017 began with a continuation of studies

Base on experience from 2015 and 2016 RSHC continues with holding of thematic lectures at Serbian universities. Of course, it is good to note the huge interest of the Serbian youth in learning about the issues related to emergency services, especially students of specialised faculties of Belgrade...

Glorious anniversary of Serbian southern capital

The most of the Center's representatives are citizens of Nis. They love this southern city and celebrate its anniversaries. The day of liberation from the Ottoman Empire is the important one.

RSHC: Russian rescuers are not afraid of Serbian winter

Participation in activities for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations is one of tasks of the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center. Such extreme situation is taking place now in Serbia: snowfall, strong wind, low temperatures. These “ice days” are causing chaos ...

People of the Year from RSHC

Journalists from Serbian media portal “Sputnik” visited the Center on the 12th of December. They were preparing the material about the most important events and heroes of the passing year. And the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center was chosen.

New Year Greetings

Many greeting cards from colleagues and friends in Serbia, Russia and other parts of the world arrived to the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center these days. THANK YOU!

The Russian Emergency Rescuer's Day in RSHC

27th of December is a holiday for RSHC staff. It is the Russian Emergency Rescuer's Day. Guests from media-portal “Radio and Television of Serbia” leaded by Dragana Sotirovski visited the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center on this day. Bojan Glamoclija, Viacheslav Vlasenko and Nikita...

New Year in Nis

The most of RSHC representatives are citizens of Nis, and the Center itself is located on the hospitable territory of Nis.

Our condolences

The leadership and all representatives of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center express sincerest condolences for victims of Russian plane crash TU-154. There were crew, passengers, artists of Song and Dance Ensemble named after A.V. Alexandrov.

RSHC and migrant crisis in Serbia

RSHC was the first from humanitarian institutions, which responded to the call for assistance in solving the migrant crisis in Serbia in August 2015. Following its basic principle – to help people in need - the Center from its own reserves provided tents to the migrant camps in Presevo and ...

New Year mood

Time of New Year and Christmas holidays started. The first greeting card arrived to Russian - Serbian Humanitarian Center from Serbian friend and colleague Vojislav from St. Petersburg!

Obrenovac and Russian Rescuers

The Center representatives Pavel Terehov and Nikita Potapov participated in the celebration dedicated to the day of Obrenovac. This place was the epicenter of catastrophic floods two years ago. All city buildings were flooded. Inhabitants escaped to the upper floors balconies.

RSHC on Balkans

The Center has close working cooperation with the Serbian colleagues in relevant areas. RSHC is seen as fully functional international structure that provides help in the field of emergency humanitarian response to Balkan countries that are interested in it. For this reason, the development...

Humanitarian demining: project competed but there are still lots of mines

One of the tasks of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is humanitarian demining. Since 2008 Serbian-Russian unit carries out works for Humanitarian Demining of Serbian territories. More then five million square meters of land was cleaned from explosive devices, more than 14 thousands unexploded ...

RSHC ready to help

The conference about migrants took place in Palace of Serbia in Belgrade on 15th of December. It was organised by Ministry of Labour. Representatives of Center Ivan Sulaev and Sreten Dimitrijevic participated in it.

The Circle of Serbian Sisters

The solemn assembly of the Circle of Serbian Sisters (one of the oldest Serbian public and religious organisations) took place in the House of Army in Nis on December 14th. The society was created in Belgrade in 1903. Nis department was opened in 1905. More than a century this organisation is...

RSHC and “Firefight training for staff”

The first practical seminar on a topic “Firefight training for personnel in Vojvodina” was organised by Vojvodina Firefight Union in the city of Kovin from 9th to 11th of December. Firefighters from all regions of Serbia participated in it.

RSHC activities on December 8th

Significant part of the Center activities are contact and cooperation with Russian-Serbian public institutions and organisations. RSHC director Bojan Glamoclija and co-director Viacheslav Vlasenko made a presentation on a seminar “Activities of the Russian Federation in the field of...

Representative of Order of Malta visited the Center

Russian-Serbian humanitarian center is open for the accession of any country or organisation agreed with its goals and objectives. In future the Center is seen as fully functional international structure that provides help in the field of emergency humanitarian response to interested countries ...

“The Rescuer” about Center

The newspaper “The Rescuer – EMERCOM of Russia, edition 45, 1st of December 2016 is writing about Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center and its director Bojan Glamoclija.

International training at Kopana Glavica

Volunteers from Russian organisation “Russian Rescue Union” came to Belgrade and immediately traveled to Serbian east for the participation in speleological training “Ibrin ponor 2016”. It was organised by Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia in period from 2nd to 4th of ...

RSHC at “Constellation of Courage”

Russian Emergency Minister Vladimir Puchkov invited RSHC to participate in awarding ceremony of VII All-Russian Festival “Constellation of Courage”. Director of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center Bojan Glamoclija was awarded in category “Rescue without Borders”.

New rescuers in RSHC

The rescuer group headed by Igor Petrov successfully completed its mission in Serbia. To replace them a new squad from Centrospas unit came to Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center.

Gratitude from Nis Firefight Union

The lead of local Firefight Union Novica Markovic presented Russian-Serbian humanitarian center the thankful certificate as a gratitude for provided assistance and support!

Hungarian rescuers in Nis

Among main tasks (participation in the training exercises of Serbian firefighters, assistance in emergency elimination, holding of educational course for Serbian colleagues on the Center base and in Russia) RSHC leadership pays great attention to cooperation with the relevant agencies from...

EMERCOM Chief is speaking about Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in Greece

Vladimir Puchkov, the EMERCOM chief, had working visit to Greece. The Minister visited Mount Athos, where is located the Saint Panteleimon monastery. A few years back, in 2012, Russian specialists helped to put out wild fire near-by it. The Russian Minister and Greek colleagues used to discuss...

Serbian rescuers in Sankt Petersburg

The training course for Serbian water rescuers is finalizing. It was organized by Russian EMERCOM in Saint Petersburg University of State Fire Service.

RSHC in the University of Belgrade

On the November 23rd , 2016 Andrey Nizhnikov and Tatjana Petkovic, the employees of RSHC read a lecture to the students of the Faculty of Security Studies at the University of Belgrade on the topic of "The structure of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia" and "Rescue operations...

News channel “TV Arte” and RSHC

RSHC is an active participant in the social life of Serbia. It cooperates with the non-governmental organisations and media, which operatеs on Balkans. The Center’s position is clear: to be open and friendly, to be ready to speak about its tasks, goals and spheres of activities.

RSHC in the training Camp at the Kopaonik

On the November 19th and 20th 2016 the rescuers of Centrospas, RSHC-staff, participated in organizing and conducting the training sessions at the request of Serbian Mountain Rescue Service (GSS), whose main goal is to train young members of the GSS - volunteers to join the ranks of this Serbian...

Serbian volunteers on the "Rescuer Path"

On the November 18th, 2016 a week-long group of specialists from the “Serbian rescue team” a volunteer organization headed by Danilo Budimir, whose headquarters is located in Belgrade ended their training at the climbing polygon in the RSHC , called "Rescuer Path".

Fire Protection Day in Zajecar

On the November 16th, 2016 in the city of Zajecar , a number of events dedicated to the traditional holiday Slava of the firefighters and rescuers of Zajecar (St. George’s Day) and the completion of a month of fire protection were organized, where the representatives of the Center were...

Fire Protection Competition among schools of Kraljevo

On 15th of November, 2016 in the city of Kraljevo a competition in the field of fire protection was held among pupils of the city, organized by the Voluntary Fire-Fighting Association of Kraljevo, with the support of the city and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia.

The Center continues to train Serbian rescuers on the training ground

From the November 14th, 2016 RSHC has began the next stage of training at the training center "Rescuer Path", which runs until November 18th.

The President of the Republic of Serbia on RSHC and the Russian-Serbian humanitarian demining squad

On the November 13th, 2016 the President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic in his interview to the TV show "The Formula of Power" spoke about the relationship between Serbia and Russia. During the conversation T. Nikolic spoke about the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center and the...

Armistice day in Serbia

The RSHC representatives headed by Igor Petrov, together with the city of Nis’ administration management, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense representatives, as well as representatives of Nis’ governmental organisations, participated in the event dedicated to the WW1 Armistice day...

Training at “The Rescuer Path”

Educational and training sessions on the topic: “The evacuation of the victim from the elevator shaft” were held with the local gendаrmerie representatives.

Professional training for Balkan specialists in Moscow

According to agreement, RSHC organises the training courses at the Russian EMERCOM University using the latest Ministry’s technological achievements.

RSHC at Serbian Firefighter Day

RSHC representatives leaded by Igor Petrov took part in celebration dedicated to Firefighter Day in the city of Nis on November 7th. On this day the best firefighter of Nis region was awarded. There were demonstration of firefighting equipment and complex training. City residents and guests...

Media about Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center

It is well known that RSHC is an active participant in the social life of Serbia. It cooperates with the non-governmental, religious and veterans’ organisations, schools and media.

Balkan Firefighters - unite!

The practical seminar of Serbian Firefighter Union took place in Valjevo on November 3rd. Representatives from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Republic of Srpska participated in it.

RSHC and occupational safety in Serbia

Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center was visited by the chief of Department of Occupational Safety and Health of Ministry of Labour Vera Bozic-Trefalt on November 2nd.

Teaching Serbian youth

During last week RSHC representatives Irog Petrov, Andrej Terehov and Andrej Niznikov together with the specialist from Russian-Serbian humanitarian demining unit held lectures for students from the Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies. Topics were “Rescue Operations in Special Conditions...

RSHC at Serbian Media

For more complete information support and the revitalisation of cooperation with local media the Center representatives (Bojan Glamoclija, Vjaceslav Vlasenko and Centrospas rescuers) took part in press conference, organized by radio TV portal “Sputnik”. The topic was ...

Vladimir Puchkov about RSHC

Russian Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov had a meeting with the Hungarian Ministry of Interior Sandor Pinter. They discussed cooperation between emergency agencies of two countries, as well as activation of international cooperation.

Working meeting in Belgrade

During his official visit, the deputy Minister for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters Oleg Bazhenov had working meeting with the state secretary, Russian-Serbian Board Co-Chairman Milosav Milickovic in Belgrade on October 26th.

A.Vulin presents his book “Darkness”

RSHC representatives were invited to the presentation of book “Darkness” written by Aleksandar Vulin. His book and its presentation is important event which took place at Belgrade International Book Fair. This is a philosophical book about life and generations change. People’s mind...

Improvement of Center’s operational capabilities

Humanitarian assistance to people affected by emergencies and participation in activities for prevention and elimination of emergency situations is main task of the Center. RSHC solves it out with its own resources. Additional assets are used in case of a large-scale emergency.

Professional development in St. Petersburg

On 24 of October, the group of fire-fighters from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska together with the representatives of Nis airport and company NIS (Petroleum Industry of Serbia) started training course in Saint Petersburg University of State Fire Service.

RSHC to citizens of Nis

Few thousands citizens of Nis woke up in cold apartments on 23rd of October. The heating was turned off because of accident at the city’s central heating station. Mayor Darko Bulatovic held an urgent meeting to eliminate the situation. Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center was asked for help ...

Serbian humanitarian aid to Syria

Russian airplane IL-76 flew from the Nis airport to Syria. The aircraft took the humanitarian aid for Syrian citizens. Serbian government sends to Aleppo round 40 tons of food, clothing and medicine. Goods will be delivered by Russian aircraft to the airbase Khmeimim, and from there by land to Aleppo.

Minister of Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic in Nis

Minister of Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic visited Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center on 16th of October. He was accompanied by more than 30 high-ranking officials from Ministry of Interior, city administration, Serbian volunteering rescue organizations and high educational institutions....

RSHC rescuers in Kraljevo and Novi Sad

RSHC representatives leaded by Igor Petrov took part in trainings organised by Emergency Management Sector of Ministry of Interior of Serbia. It was useful for the development of cooperation with Serbian rescuers and improving of professional skills. The topics were “Water rescue” and...

Nis. October. Memorable dates.

RSHC took part in activities dedicated to liberation of Nis in WW1 on 12th of October. From October 1915 to October 1918 Nis was occupied by the combined German-Austrian and Bulgarian army group. First Serbian army commanded by general Petar Bojovic liberated Nis on 12th of October 1918.

Russian rescuers at flooded ground in May 2014

RSHC representatives, Centrospas rescuers Igor Petrov and Andrej Terehov visited Drenovac, village that was flooded during May 2014. Exactly in this area they saved people two years ago. Russian rescue group was living at local school building more than a week and every day they were searching...

RSHC, “112 EXPO”, Belgrade 11th -14th of October 2016

One of the RSHC tasks is the demonstration of modern Russian rescue equipment. Exactly specialized fire-fight and demining technic and equipment was the base for Center exposition at traditional international 40th Exhibition and Conference – Fire and Rescue, Occupational Safety and Health...

Open Day at RSHC

Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center continued the tradition of Nis educational institutions’ patronage: business-school and Faculty of Labour Protection. Young Serbs already twice took part in specialised competitions in Russia, RSHC rescuers spoke to students, the Center hold “Open Day...

Development perspectives of Emergency Management Sector and RSHC

RSHC representatives, director Bojan Glamoclija and rescuers Igor Petrov and Andrej Terehov, took part in testing demonstration of water crafts (small river boats) which was organised on Sava-river in Belgrade area. Representatives of Emergency Management Sector and leadership...

Serbs in North Ossetia

Serbian rescue team together with the RSHC representative, Centrospas rescuer Andrej Niznikov took part in Second Federal Competition for volunteer units in mountain rescue techniques. This competition was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Russian Rescue Union. It was held in a beautiful...

RSHC at seminar “Labour protection at constructions and works at heights”

RSHC representatives took part in seminar “Labour protection at constructions and work at heights” in Belgrade on September 30th. The activity was organised by Serbian Union for Emergencies.

Serbian rescuer training extension

The practical course in industrial and mountain climbing focused on rescue operations was held on the training ground «The Rescue Path» in Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center for Serbian rescuers from Nis fire-rescue unit of MI RS in period from 26th to 30th of September.

Serbian specialists were on course in Russia

On 26 of September, 2 groups of Serbian specialists from Emergency Management Sector of the MI RS started training courses in high educational institutions of EMERCOM – Civil Defense Academy in Moscow and Saint Petersburg University of State Fire Service. The topics were...

RSHC at symposium «Emergency Response: Floods 2014»

After Serbian MI invitation, RSHC representatives took part in international symposium «Emergency response: floods 2014», which was organised in Sabac between 22nd - 24th of September.

Russian rescuers visiting Serbian training exercises

Centorspas rescuers from RSHC, leaded by Igor Petrov, were invited to participate as observers on training exercises of fire-rescue unit "Kosutnjak" from Belgrade garrison on September 21st. The topic was "The rescue from rubbles in urban environment".

Delegation of Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) in Nish

On 20th of September Russian-Serbian humanitarian center in Nish had guests from Belgrade, among them were the DEMA senior advisor for Balkans Sefik Muhic, other agency representatives and employees of Serbian Emergency management sector, which are working in the international relations field.

RSHC on elections for the State Duma of Russia

Russian citizens working at RSHC participated on the elections for the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of 7th convocation, which took place at the School of the Russian Embassy in the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade on September 18th.

Project Parachin-8

From 2008 Serbian-Russian unit carries out works for humanitarian demining, which began with the clearing of some areas around Nish and Constantine the Great airport in city suburb.

RSHC at GIS-conference

RSHC representatives visited Conference about new GIS-systems and technologies «GDi Solution Days – September 2016».

Russian rescuers at school

RSHC representatives, Centrospas rescuers, visited the business-school in Nish. They met with pupils, got to know children that participated in International Competition “Safety School” in Leningrad region in July 2016. Serbian team took the fourth place. The participants were awarded...

Expanding the rescuers team

New rescuer group from EMERCOM unit Centrospas came to Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center on the 5th of September 2016.

RSHC at sports competition of Serbian Independent Police Union

RSHC representatives took part in 5th sports competition of Serbian Independent Police Union «Tara 2016», which were held in the mountain area from 1st to 4th of September this year.

Тhe first phase of “The rescuer path” training ground equipping is completed

The first phase of “The rescuer path” training ground equipping is completed. The complex was created by RSHC representatives, Centrospas rescuers O. Ganiev, V.Peregudov and M. Ponurovskiy. It combines Russian rescuers experience, Serbian nature specifics and requirements of Serbian...

RSHC at the Rally

From 27th to 28th of August, RSHC representatives along with Serbian Emergency management sector by Ministry of Interior ensured support to the 3rd rally «Belgrade Award – Delta 2016», which was held within the National Open Championship. The rally was organised by The Automobile...

RSHC delegation visiting Switzerland

At the invitation of the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), as well as implementing RSHC status as an affiliate member of the International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO), the RSHC delegation (Bojan Glamoclija...

The Letter of Appreciation from A. Vulin

Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center received the letter of appreciation from the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin.

Training course completing

The first rescuer group from Nis' fire-rescue unit Sector for ES finished training course on “The rescuer path”. Certificates were given upon course completion.

Meeting with the representatives of Elektrostal's city administration

Delegation of Elektrostal's city administration in Moscow region leaded by the first deputy of the administration head V. Nazarov met with RSHC representatives whilst visiting Nis.

Delegation of Republic of Srpska Civil Defense Office came to Nis

On August 3rd, Center board met with the delegation of Republic of Srpska Civil Defense Office, leaded by the Director Mile Medjed. The guests received introduction about the Center's main acting fields, saw the rescue equipment samples, and spoke about the practical cooperation ...

“The rescuer path” training course starts

The first rescuer group from Nis' fire-rescue unit started training course on “The rescuer path” located at the Center's territory on August 1st. On the first day the group received introductory information, tested the equipment and fit by individual dimensions, got ...

RSHC and UN organizations

On June 29th in Belgrade RSHC representatives leaded by the acting director Viacheslav Vlasenko took part at the 10th Partners Briefing on UN Agencies activities in response to the current refugee, migration situation in Serbia.

Training ground opening

The training ground called “The rescuer path” was opened within Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center on July 27th. It was created by Center’s representatives, “Centrospas” rescuers leaded by Oleg Ganiev.

RSHC team at Drina regatta

RSHC representatives are taking part at International sailing competition “Regatta on Drina” between July 22nd-24th. Regatta on Drina is one of the biggest events in western and central Serbia, where many professional and volunteering organisations from Serbia will participate with more...

Serbian pupils participated in the International camp for young rescuers in Russia

On July 21st the group of Serbian pupils leaded by RSHC representative, the rescuer Maksim Ponurovskiy went to Sankt-Petersburg for participation in the Third International Competition “ Safety School” during 10 days at the camp “Zerkalniy” in Leningrad region.

Working meetings with the representatives of Sector for Emergency Situations and Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia

On 21.07.2016 RSHC held a workshop and a seminar on the topic “Processing of space monitoring data and document preparation. Thermo points” . The workshop was prepared by representatives of Center (D. Lisenko) based on the request of Sector for Emergence Situations board...

RSHC and Russian geographical society of Serbia

On Kopaonik mountain, training for Russian-Serbian student groups from Belgrade and Saint-Petersburg Universities was held from 12th to 27th of July. Classes were organized by the Development Center of Russian geographical society in Serbia.

Demining squad gets to work

Well known, RSHC was established on the basis of the Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Serbia on April 25th 2012 to perform various tasks. One of them is humanitarian demining. For this purpose, the squad with required...

The fifth rescue group finished educational course in Russia

Ministry of Emergency Situations (Russia) keeps on the cooperation with the firefighters and rescuers of Balkans, mainly – in Serbia. The goal is to improve theirs professional skills, to teach them the newest methods and ways of protecting people in emergencies. Now in short terms the wide...

RSHC on training – “Ibar 2016”

State training of fire-rescue units MIA of RS took place on the river Ibar near city of Kraljevo on June 24-25th. Around 250 people participated in it. The main topic was “Floods rescue action”.

The Day of the Ministry of Interior and the Police Day

Day of the Ministry of Interior and the Police Day were carried out in Belgrade training center. The awards were handed over to the best employees.

Serbian specialists on training course in Russia

Serbian group of the fire-rescue units’ heads finished training course on the topic “Fire Protection and Respond in Oil and Gas Facilities”. The training took place in St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia.

RSHC on International Volunteer Rescuer Meeting in Greece

RSHC representatives took part at International conference “Earthquake and consequences respond” from 2nd to 5th of June. Its objective was the theoretical and practical training of volunteers-rescuers from Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Republic of Srpska, Italy and Serbia.

The RSHC and EMERCOM rescuers’ participation in the exercises in the city of Apatin

RSHC representatives and Centrospas rescuers took part in the exercises between May 21st and 23rd in Apatin-city. Maintenance and increasing of the reacting speed quality, continuation of practical cooperation with Serbian colleagues and dive experience exchange were the exercises aims.

EMERCOM rescuers at Safety Faculty of Belgrade University

Centrospas rescuers and RSHC representatives held practical classes in Safety Faculty of Belgrade University on 18th of May. The first aid and evacuation rules from premise in fire case were discussed.

Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is the ICDO affiliated member

22nd Session of ICDO General Assemble took place between 10th and 14th of May in city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. It was the first Assemble out of Geneva. The ICDO-member delegations, observers, affiliated members participated. In total there were more than 45 official delegations.

The EMERCOM rescuers at the Labor Protection Faculty of Nis University

The Centorspas rescuers and the RSHC representatives carried out two days theoretical and practical course with the students and professors of the Labor Protection Faculty in Nis on 9th – 10th of May.

Representatives of Sector for Emergency Situations on training course in Russia

The group from Sector for Emergency Situations finished specialized training course in emergence respond field. The course was organized and held by St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM in period from 4th to 15th of April. The course theme was “The Gas rescuer traini...

RSHC Director in Moscow

RSHC director Bojan Glamoclija with the Head of the Civil Protection Department from Sector of ES took part in seminar which was organized by International relations department of Civil Defence Academy (CDA) EMERCOM of Russia. It was the first ICDO members working meeting.

RSHC representatives and EMERCOM rescuers at EXPO-RUSSIA SERBIA 2016

On March 17th RSHC representatives and EMERCOM rescuers visited Belgrade Business Forum “EXPO-RUSSIA SERBIA 2016”. Delegates had meetings with many Serbian and Russian businessmen and company representatives.

RSHC at National GIS technology Conference

National Geographic information system (GIS) technology conference was held in Belgrade on February 24th.

Aleksandar Vulin’s visit

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vulin visited Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center on his way to migrant camp in Presevo on February 21th.

Video conference session in RSHC Emergence Management Center

On February 11th Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center took part in EMERCOM video conference session. The summarizing of cooperation results during year 2015 between Emergence Management Centers in CIS-states, international organizations and National EMERCOM Center was the conference topic.

RSHC received the letter of appreciation

International Civil Defense Organisation (ICDO) from Geneva sent the letter of appreciation to Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Head of the Protection and Rescue Directorate of Macedonia in visit to the Center

Director of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center (RSHC) Bojan Glamoclija along with the representatives of the Russian segment of the Center held negotiations in Nis with Shaban Saliu, head of the Protection and Rescue Directorate of Macedonia. The parties have discussed an opportunity...

Working visit to Macedonia

A Russian-Serbian humanitarian center team, headed by deputy director Viacheslav Vlasenko, visit Skopje, where they had negotiations with the official representative of the Protection and Rescue Directorate Dimche Mitevski. Both sides agreed on the improvement of cooperation between the Directora...

Meeting at the Belgrade City Hall

Staff members of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center (RSHC), headed by director Bojan Glamoclija, and representatives of St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia have held negotiations in Belgrade City Hall. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Belgrade ...

Delivery of the equipment to Serbia

Russian-Serbian humanitarian center (RSHC) delivered three 120 kW diesel generators at the disposal of the Sector for Emergency Situations of the Serbian Ministry of Interior. These generators are capable to provide electricity for several small settlements. Generators will be used for the needs ...

RSHC helps again in resolving migrant crisis in Serbia

Russian-Serbian humanitarian center (RSHC) continues to help Serbia in resolving the refugee crisis. In October 30 tents, stoves, 2 powerful diesel generators and about 1,500 blankets were delivered to the Sector for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia. After the procedure ...

Visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 28th and 29th of October, the delegation of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center visited Sarajevo where they took part in the session of the working group of Intergovernmental commission Russia – BiH and held a meeting in the Protection and Rescue Sector of the Ministry of Security of...

Discussions about RSHC during International Congress in Moscow

From 12 to 14 October in Moscow was held an international congress “Global and National Disaster Management Strategies” where participated representatives of more than 70 countries. Congress was organized in the Fundamental library of the Moscow State University and in the State fire ...

The RSHC Board meeting in Nish and delivery of firefighting equipment

On September 17 was held a meeting of the supreme governing body of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center - Board. Solemn ceremony of the delivery of firefighting equipment was an important part of the meeting. The Russian part of the Center has provided to the Serbian Ministry of Interior five...