Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center was established on the basis of the Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Serbia on April 25th 2012 in the City of Nis. This document was signed by Russian Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov and Serbian Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic. At the same time the Agreement on approval of the Charter of the Center was signed.

The legal basis for the formation of the Center was the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Serbia on cooperation in the field of emergency humanitarian response, the prevention of natural disasters and technological accidents and the elimination of its consequences from October 20th 2009.

The Centеr is an intergovernmental humanitarian non-profit organization, which has a status of legal entity. It is registered in the Republic of Serbia in accordance with its legislation.

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center was founded in order to provide humanitarian emergency response in Serbia and other Balkan states. The following tasks are lying upon Center:

  • participation in activities for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations, including firefighting;
  • humanitarian assistance to people affected by emergencies;
  • implementation of joint projects and programs in the Republic of Serbia and other Balkan states, including projects and programs for humanitarian demining;
  • training and skills development activities in the field of prevention and elimination of emergency situations;
  • testing and demonstration of firefighting and rescue technologies;
  • other tasks that do not contradict the goals of the Center foundation.

The Center carried out а range of operations of providing humanitarian assistance and elimination of emergency situations in Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Slovenia.

The catastrophic flood on the territory of Serbia and Balkan countries in May 2014 became the real readiness and capability test for the Center. Rescuers of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) were the first to come to help Serbia. Within two days, working day and night, Russian rescuers made 335 flights to the flooded areas of the city of Obrenovac, where situation was the worst, evacuated more than 2000 persons, including more than 600 children. Additionally, aircrafts of EMERCOM rendered more than 140 tons of relief supplies to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the President of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic highly appreciated the activities of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center during the floods of May 2014.

Humanitarian demining is an important activity of the Center. For seven recent years a joint Russian-Serbian detachment has been clearing the territory of Serbia of explosive devices. During this period the Russian and Serbian deminers cleared more than four million two hundred thousand square meters of the territory, more than thirteen thousand different weapons were found.

Significant parts of the activity of the Center are work on stuff training, conferences and seminars, participation in exhibitions.

The Center is actively realized specialists’ training and education events including the EMERCOM Universities’ potential, Saint-Petersburg Fire-fighting Service University as the first priority basis. By the middle of the April 2015 124 Serbian specialists received advanced training. By the end of 2015 more than 200 Serbian rescuers will have been trained in Russia.

Fulfilling its mission of humanitarian organization the Center is an active participant in the social life of Serbia. It cooperates with the non-governmental, religious and veterans’ organizations, schools and media.

In future the Center is seen as fully functional international structure that provides help in the field of emergency humanitarian response to Balkan countries that are interested in it. The Center is opened for the accession of any country or organization agreed with its goals and objectives.

Director of the Center is V.P. Gulevich (Russia). Codirector of the Center is B. Glamochlija (Serbia).

The Russian-Serbian humanitarian center is situated in the city of Nis, the Republic of Serbia.