Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC – 5 years

Representatives of Russia and Serbia signed the Agreement about founding the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center in a strong heart of Europe, in South Serbian city Nis on April 2012. This unique Center was created to fulfill solely humanitarian goals, such as help, rescue, cooperation in ...

Russian EMERCOM transfers its experience to Balkan firefighters-rescuers

Fighting with large-scale fires is extremely important theme for the Balkan states since various circumstances: hot and dry climate, old-style cities construction, same as lack of modern machines and equipment in local fire and rescue services.

Scouts of Serbia

Last week, a meeting was held between representatives of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in Nis and members of the scout squad named after Major Dragutin Gavrilovich.

Risk of forest fires

As another summer is coming, with hot and dry weather, the risk of forest fires is increasing. We still remember disastrous wildland fires in Serbia and BiH in 2012. Thanks to EMERCOM of Russia who provided airplanes, forest resources of Serbia were rescued because insufficiently developed road ...

Nis remembers

At the begin of German invasion on Yugoslavia, in early morning on April 8th 74 years ago, German aviation bombed Nis. Like in Belgrade two days earlier, it was done in morning hours when people were going to work. Approximately 500 citizens lost their lives and many buildings were destroyed...

Russian and Serbian rescuers – brothers forever

New team of rescuers from Centrospas unit come to Nis every three months. Their task is to exchange experience during practical trainings and, if needed, participation in emergency elimination.

The Center reveals its secrets

The political life of Europe is full of events and many of them are taking place on Balkans. These days the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center got attention from the journalists from the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland. Johanna Melen from Swedish National Radio, Johanna Turtiainen...

NATO aggression

Today Serbia is remembering one of the saddest dates in history - the 18th anniversary of the NATO aggression. NATO operation against Former Yugoslavia had started on 24th of March 1999. NATO forces bombed Yugoslav facilities without UN mandate and state government consent.

Balkan experts in Saint Petersburg

The group of Balkan firefighters-rescuers is training at St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia this week. The theme of course is “Rescue operations in traffic accidents”. The group consists of experienced specialists from Serbia, BIH and Nis municipality.

Training of firefighter-rescuers in Nis

The practice of RSHC participating in trainings of colleagues from the Emergency Management Sector became usual. Lot of Serbian experts from Nis firefight unit already passed its training courses in Russia and at the Center' training base in Nis.

Balkan youth and RSHC

The conference for young people from Balkan states was organized by Faculty of Security of Belgrade University and took place at Zlatibor in period from March 20th to 22nd of March. Students came from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. This conference is unique by its form and ...

RSHC, 12 - 18 of March 2017.

This week for RSHC was full of activities. The working group from the Russian Emergency Ministry came to the Center. It consisted of representative of international relations department Sergey Karavaycev, deputy director of EMERCOM Agency Igor Scherbakov, representative of Tuapse Search and ...

The school year in Russia has begun

Based on request fom Emergency Management Sector, since 2014 the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center organizes professional courses at high educational institutions of EMERCOM of Russia.

International conference in Belgrade

The Center representatives took part in international conference “The cooperation of emergency services during traffic accidents”.

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