Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Guests of the Center

The Center was visited by representatives of the municipal administrations of Ljubovija and Bajina Basta on August 17th.

Rotation in RSHC

Since August 16th, a new team of professional rescuers from Centrospas unit starts to work: Pavel Shevlyakov, Alexander Zubov and Stanislav Isaev. They have wide practical experience of operations both in Russia and abroad, but each of them, being a multifaceted specialist, has his own favorite...

The RSHC and disabled people in Serbia

In late July, the rescuers of the Center together with colleagues from the Team of Rescuers of Serbia and the Red Cross, participated in the all-Serbian humanitarian action - assistance in organizing the regatta "Drina unites us 2017" and ensuring security for its participants. The ...

The Russian helicopter crew met with mayor of Nis

MI-8 crew members, who by agreement between Moscow and Belgrade are fighting against fires in Serbia, were invited by the mayor of Nis Mr. Darko Bulatovic to visit the city hall as honorable guests on August 15th.

Firefighters of Raska

Participating in the security operation at international paragliding competition in Kopaonik area, RSHC leadership (Bojan Glamoclija and Viacheslav Vlasenko) used a chance to visit the fire and rescue unit of Raska.

Chronicle of MI-8 fight with fires on August 11th-12th

The Emergency Management Sector of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia is the headquarters of the fight against fires in the country. The information comes here, the most dangerous places are determined and decisions are made on the use of forces and means.

All about the helicopter of the Russian EMERCOM in Nis: crew, activities

Many media representatives are addressing the Center, asking questions about MI-8 aircraft which arrived from the Russian Emergencies Ministry. The Center will try to answer the most common and important ones.

Helicopter Mi-8 extinguishes fires in Serbia

Unfortunately, the forecasts of the Serbian meteorological service were correct, the whole country was under extremely hot air frontier. That caused large-scale fires in nature.

Helicopter of the Russian EMERCOM on Serbian sky

The helicopter Mi-8 belonging to the Russian Emergency Ministry arrived at the Constantine the Great airport in Nis by the request of the Serbian side, which was based on the Serbian National Meteorological Service forecasts about extremely hot weather in August and small amount of precipitation...

Forest fire near Kladovo

Fires caused by abnormally high temperatures and minimum amount of precipitation started throughout Serbia. Local specialists are fighting with this natural disaster. Large forest areas in Kladovo region are on fire. There is additional problem there, because one of the high pressure pumps instal...

RSHC and Serbian volunteers

By carrying out tasks to increase the training level of local rescuers, the Center cooperates with both professionals and volunteers, whose role is extremely important in Serbia.

Russian humanitarians in Serbia

By chance, or perhaps driven by the desire to help to the Serbian people, two Russian organizations met in Serbia. Since 2012 RSHC helps the Serbian brothers to deal with natural and man-made emergencies and the Russian Humanitarian Mission - RHM - non-profit organization that carries out humanitarian...

Modernization of the Center

As already known, the Center’s structure was formed thanks to equipment from Russia - fire-rescue vehicles, robotics and reserves intended for use in the liquidation of consequences of emergency situations, such as fires and floods, and to ensure the actions of the personnel of the RSHC and ...

The Center on the Serbian TV

The leadership of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center on the Serbian national channel “Pink”.

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