Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

The RSHC and refugees

At the border with Macedonia in Presevo, a ceremony was held on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of points of reception and accommodation of refugees in Serbia on June 20th.

RSHC team at the Nisava Regatta

The participation of the RSHC staff in sports events, held both in Nis and in other cities of the country, has become traditional.

Scouts are future assistants to firefighters-rescuers

The Center pays great attention to working with Serbian youth. A few days ago, a group of Serbian teenagers returned from Rostov-on-Don in Russia, where they studied theory and practice in the field camp, and from Monday the scouts from Major Dragutin's unit were trained at the RSHC. Scouts...

Euronews about the RSHC

The RSHC continues to be in the focus of attention of media, both local and foreign. The special status of the Center, its tasks, and indeed the name itself - Russian-Serbian, do not give rest to publishers. Today, the Center was visited by the correspondent of Euronews in the Balkans...

Centrospas in Vojvodina

One of the important activities of the RSHC, along with the interaction with local professional firefighters, is to work with voluntary firefighters, to improve their training level. In the business of salvation from fire, there are no superfluous people, everyone is important.

Serbian pupils in Rostov-on-Don

Over the time the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center recognised the great interest of Serbian schoolchildren and young people in firefighting and rescue activities, and thus did a lot - it patronizes schools in Nis, regularly holding open days in the RSHC, in cooperation with the ...

Serbian professionals at the exhibition "Integrated Safety 2017"

Delegation of high ranked representatives from Serbia and the region are improving their qualifications and knowledge by attending a training course "System of Civil Protection in the city" this week. Delegation consists of Head of EMS of MI RS Predrag Maric, responsible officials ...

The Police Day in Nis

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center actively cooperates with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia. For instance, representatives of the Emergency Management Sector from the Ministry of Interior are participating in specialist courses at educational institutions of the ...

Russian rescuers work with children

This week in the RSHC is dedicated to work with the children. Employees of the Center, professional rescuers, were invited to a business school in Nis, where in honor of the celebration of the School Day, the exercises of future firefighters were held. Russian experts were present ...


Continuing the tradition of cooperation with the Automotive Union of Serbia, the operational group of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center visited off-road racing in the suburb of Belgrade. A lot of different vehicles underwent a medium-difficulty landscape, showing their driving skills.

Specialists from Balkan are studying in St. Petersburg

During the whole week, professional rescuers of the Balkan states passed an advanced training course at the St. Petersburg University of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia. The program "Search and rescue operations on mountain rivers" was specially prepared...

The motto of the week: Rescue on mountain rivers

RSHC motto for this week is “Rescue on fast water”. The group of Balkan specialists began with the course on the topic “Search and rescue on mountain rivers” in St. Petersburg. At the same time, operational group of the Center held practical training about flood response on...

New rescuing team has arrived

New rescue squad came to the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center this week. They are experienced specialists from Moscow department of Centrospas unit: Dmitriy Koriniy, Alexandr Zinichenko and Andrey Dikunov. Newcomers have wide experience in different rescuing fields.

IGC: Russia - BiH

During five years working in Serbia, Russian-serbian humanitarian center has become an integral part of the Balkans, its socio-political, socio-economic and cultural life of the region.

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