Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Serbian humanitarian aid to Syria

Russian airplane IL-76 flew from the Nis airport to Syria. The aircraft took the humanitarian aid for Syrian citizens. Serbian government sends to Aleppo round 40 tons of food, clothing and medicine. Goods will be delivered by Russian aircraft to the airbase Khmeimim, and from there by land to Aleppo.

Minister of Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic in Nis

Minister of Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic visited Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center on 16th of October. He was accompanied by more than 30 high-ranking officials from Ministry of Interior, city administration, Serbian volunteering rescue organizations and high educational institutions....

RSHC rescuers in Kraljevo and Novi Sad

RSHC representatives leaded by Igor Petrov took part in trainings organised by Emergency Management Sector of Ministry of Interior of Serbia. It was useful for the development of cooperation with Serbian rescuers and improving of professional skills. The topics were “Water rescue” and...

Nis. October. Memorable dates.

RSHC took part in activities dedicated to liberation of Nis in WW1 on 12th of October. From October 1915 to October 1918 Nis was occupied by the combined German-Austrian and Bulgarian army group. First Serbian army commanded by general Petar Bojovic liberated Nis on 12th of October 1918.

Russian rescuers at flooded ground in May 2014

RSHC representatives, Centrospas rescuers Igor Petrov and Andrej Terehov visited Drenovac, village that was flooded during May 2014. Exactly in this area they saved people two years ago. Russian rescue group was living at local school building more than a week and every day they were searching...

RSHC, “112 EXPO”, Belgrade 11th -14th of October 2016

One of the RSHC tasks is the demonstration of modern Russian rescue equipment. Exactly specialized fire-fight and demining technic and equipment was the base for Center exposition at traditional international 40th Exhibition and Conference – Fire and Rescue, Occupational Safety and Health...

Open Day at RSHC

Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center continued the tradition of Nis educational institutions’ patronage: business-school and Faculty of Labour Protection. Young Serbs already twice took part in specialised competitions in Russia, RSHC rescuers spoke to students, the Center hold “Open Day...

Development perspectives of Emergency Management Sector and RSHC

RSHC representatives, director Bojan Glamoclija and rescuers Igor Petrov and Andrej Terehov, took part in testing demonstration of water crafts (small river boats) which was organised on Sava-river in Belgrade area. Representatives of Emergency Management Sector and leadership...

Serbs in North Ossetia

Serbian rescue team together with the RSHC representative, Centrospas rescuer Andrej Niznikov took part in Second Federal Competition for volunteer units in mountain rescue techniques. This competition was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Russian Rescue Union. It was held in a beautiful...

RSHC at seminar “Labour protection at constructions and works at heights”

RSHC representatives took part in seminar “Labour protection at constructions and work at heights” in Belgrade on September 30th. The activity was organised by Serbian Union for Emergencies.

Serbian rescuer training extension

The practical course in industrial and mountain climbing focused on rescue operations was held on the training ground «The Rescue Path» in Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center for Serbian rescuers from Nis fire-rescue unit of MI RS in period from 26th to 30th of September.

Serbian specialists were on course in Russia

On 26 of September, 2 groups of Serbian specialists from Emergency Management Sector of the MI RS started training courses in high educational institutions of EMERCOM – Civil Defense Academy in Moscow and Saint Petersburg University of State Fire Service. The topics were...

RSHC at symposium «Emergency Response: Floods 2014»

After Serbian MI invitation, RSHC representatives took part in international symposium «Emergency response: floods 2014», which was organised in Sabac between 22nd - 24th of September.

Russian rescuers visiting Serbian training exercises

Centorspas rescuers from RSHC, leaded by Igor Petrov, were invited to participate as observers on training exercises of fire-rescue unit "Kosutnjak" from Belgrade garrison on September 21st. The topic was "The rescue from rubbles in urban environment".

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