Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Another diplomats visited the Center

Last week, US Embassy representative visited RSHC for the first time in three years. Came, watched, questioned. Everything was shown. All questions were answered. As a result of his visit, the Center distributed a press release - brief and objective one. The answer was unexpected: “... the Center...

RSHC development

It is important to note that RSHC material basis was created in 2013-2014, when funds and equipment intended for responding to emergencies and eliminating their consequences were received from Russia. There were firefight trucks, terrain vehicles "Niva", robotic complexes and property ...

Guests of the Center

July 12th this year. The Russian-Serbian humanitarian center in Nis (RSHC) was visited by the representative of the US Embassy in Serbia, the military attaché assistant H. Garvin.

RSHC rescuers at the St. Peter and Paul patron day

After years of work in Serbia, Russians from the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center became acquainted and learned Serbian customs and traditions. The Center itself has become an integral part of Serbia and the region. Who won't admire the celebration of the patron day, which Serbs celebrated...

Operational group from RSHC visits Drina

The RSHC core activity plan for 2017 includes a list of events related to the preparation of the Operational group (OG) staff for activities in emergency situations of a natural character and the organization of reconnaissance missions in order to get acquainted with the routes and potentially...

RSHC in the spotlight

Over the past few weeks, local and international media have shown special interest in the activities of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center. In the past, many "friends" of the RSHC wrote about it as a "spy nest" and "military base".

Training - Acknowledgments

The best gratitude for provided training is practical implementation of newly gained skills that trainees have learned. We hope that staff of the emergency services of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, after their return from Russia where they have taken courses to upgrade their professional...

Fifth anniversary of the RSHC in the Civil Protection magazine

The fifth anniversary of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is a reportage in the Russian magazine Civil Protection.

From Budapest to Nis

Contacts with Hungarian colleagues from the volunteer organization of the central region of Hungary (Buda) were established more than six months ago. Hungarians visited the Center and got acquainted with its training capabilities and training base. Then the staff of the Center visited Budapest and...

Summer training sessions of RSHC - "Ibar - 2017"

Traditionally, the summer season for RSHC staff is period of preparing its material and technical base and the task force for specialized work on the water - exploring potentially dangerous areas, preparation of boats, wetsuits, life-saving appliances, vehicles, equipment for deploying a field camp...

Organizing activitities in emergencies based on St. Petersburg example

From June 17th to June 24th, a group of Serbian specialists representing various state structures including the Emergency Management Sector of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, the Red Cross, NIS and administration of the city of Nis, participated in training about organizing emergency responses ...

The RSHC and refugees

At the border with Macedonia in Presevo, a ceremony was held on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of points of reception and accommodation of refugees in Serbia on June 20th.

RSHC team at the Nisava Regatta

The participation of the RSHC staff in sports events, held both in Nis and in other cities of the country, has become traditional.

Scouts are future assistants to firefighters-rescuers

The Center pays great attention to working with Serbian youth. A few days ago, a group of Serbian teenagers returned from Rostov-on-Don in Russia, where they studied theory and practice in the field camp, and from Monday the scouts from Major Dragutin's unit were trained at the RSHC. Scouts...

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