Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Winter in Prokuplje and its citizens

During this week, the Center’s operational group participated in unscheduled duty in Prokuplje firefight unit caused by extreme low temperatures and heavy snowfalls.

Glorious anniversary of Serbian southern capital

The most of the Center's representatives are citizens of Nis. They love this southern city and celebrate its anniversaries. The day of liberation from the Ottoman Empire is the important one.

RSHC: Russian rescuers are not afraid of Serbian winter

Participation in activities for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations is one of tasks of the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center. Such extreme situation is taking place now in Serbia: snowfall, strong wind, low temperatures. These “ice days” are causing chaos ...

People of the Year from RSHC

Journalists from Serbian media portal “Sputnik” visited the Center on the 12th of December. They were preparing the material about the most important events and heroes of the passing year. And the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center was chosen.

New Year Greetings

Many greeting cards from colleagues and friends in Serbia, Russia and other parts of the world arrived to the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center these days. THANK YOU!

The Russian Emergency Rescuer's Day in RSHC

27th of December is a holiday for RSHC staff. It is the Russian Emergency Rescuer's Day. Guests from media-portal “Radio and Television of Serbia” leaded by Dragana Sotirovski visited the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center on this day. Bojan Glamoclija, Viacheslav Vlasenko and Nikita...

New Year in Nis

The most of RSHC representatives are citizens of Nis, and the Center itself is located on the hospitable territory of Nis.

Our condolences

The leadership and all representatives of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center express sincerest condolences for victims of Russian plane crash TU-154. There were crew, passengers, artists of Song and Dance Ensemble named after A.V. Alexandrov.

RSHC and migrant crisis in Serbia

RSHC was the first from humanitarian institutions, which responded to the call for assistance in solving the migrant crisis in Serbia in August 2015. Following its basic principle – to help people in need - the Center from its own reserves provided tents to the migrant camps in Presevo and ...

New Year mood

Time of New Year and Christmas holidays started. The first greeting card arrived to Russian - Serbian Humanitarian Center from Serbian friend and colleague Vojislav from St. Petersburg!

Obrenovac and Russian Rescuers

The Center representatives Pavel Terehov and Nikita Potapov participated in the celebration dedicated to the day of Obrenovac. This place was the epicenter of catastrophic floods two years ago. All city buildings were flooded. Inhabitants escaped to the upper floors balconies.

RSHC on Balkans

The Center has close working cooperation with the Serbian colleagues in relevant areas. RSHC is seen as fully functional international structure that provides help in the field of emergency humanitarian response to Balkan countries that are interested in it. For this reason, the development...

Humanitarian demining: project competed but there are still lots of mines

One of the tasks of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is humanitarian demining. Since 2008 Serbian-Russian unit carries out works for Humanitarian Demining of Serbian territories. More then five million square meters of land was cleaned from explosive devices, more than 14 thousands unexploded ...

RSHC ready to help

The conference about migrants took place in Palace of Serbia in Belgrade on 15th of December. It was organised by Ministry of Labour. Representatives of Center Ivan Sulaev and Sreten Dimitrijevic participated in it.

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