Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Working week in RSHC

The Center's co-director Victor Gulevich started active working in Serbia. On October 16th, he visited Belgrade emergency center, participated in a working meeting with city deputy mayor Andreja Mladenovic, who expressed his gratitude to Russia and RSHC for cooperation and interaction in ...

Scouts of Serbia and RSHC

The Center continues to work with the scout unit named after Major Dragutin Gavrilovic. This time it was joint training exercises of RSHC, scouts and local firefight unit in one of Belgrade schools.

14th of October – the memorable day

October is the month of commemorative and sad events in Nis. During these autumn days the city was liberated from the invaders in both world wars.

Workshops in the Serbian universities

As a continuation of interacting with the specialized universities of Serbia, RSHC representatives held classes at the Faculty of Security of the University of Belgrade and the Academy of the Serbian Ministry of Interior this week. The purpose of such workshops is to increase the knowledge of students...

Croatian and Serbian volunteers in RSHC

On October 7th and 8th, joint training session of the Serbian and Croatian Mountain Rescue Services (GSS and HGSS) took place at RSHC territory. These structures are voluntary, but their high training level and good equipment are widely known among specialists. Therefore, when GSS asked to use the ...

RSHC at practical training in Bulgaria

While volunteer-rescuers from the Mountain Rescue Services of Croatia and Serbia trained in the Center, RSHC rescuers went to Bulgaria to the International Cave Rescue Meeting organized by the European Cave Rescue Association (ECRA), one of the largest among voluntary rescue organizations.

New representative of RSHC

Victor Gulevich started to work as Co-Director of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center from October 2nd. On the same day, the representative of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations A. Avdeev, the Center's director B. Glamoclija and acting co-director V.Vlasenko introduced V.P. Gulevich...

Humane mission on the Balkans

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations saves not only human lives, but also warms our souls.

Symposium on emergency medicine in Vojvodina

By the invitation from Emergency Management Sector and Vojvodina health care structures, RSHC representatives took part in the 3rd International symposium of emergency service personnel. The theme of the Symposium was “Mass casualty incidents”.

Moscow - Nis - Havana

In addition to Serbia, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia works in other countries to share its unique experience with local specialists through teaching training centers.

New academic year at RSHC

Since 2014, the RSHC has trained more than 300 employees of the emergency services of Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the EMERCOM of Russia, but most of them are employees of Serbian Ministry of Interior.

Serbs in St. Petersburg

Annual international competition of firefighters and rescuers for the prize of V. Dekhtyaryov took place in St. Petersburg. It was held more than 30 times among employees of gas rescuing services. More than ten teams perticipated in competition from different regions of Russia and from abroad...

Trip of memory for Serbian and Russian heroes

The Serbian Ministry of Defense has continued the glorious tradition of worship and memory to Serbian and Russian soldiers who fell in the battles of the Balkan wars and World War I.

New training in RSHC

Serbia and the Balkans are mostly mountainous regions. Knowing the specific organization of assistance and rescue in such areas is necessary for local rescuers.

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