Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Happy 8th of March!

Congratulations with the International Women's Day to all ladies of Serbia, Russia and other countries all around the world!

Centrospas remembers about RSHC

The replacement for strong and responsible team headed by Ivan Sulaev came from EMERCOM. New rescue squad consist of Valeriy Gubanov, Aleksey Sokolov and Dmitriy Utyuz. They will work now at the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center. The head Valeriy Gubanov is working at Russian Emergency ...

March 1st – World Civil Defense Day

World Civil Defense Day is celebrated every year on March 1st. It is special day for RSHC, since the Center works for the development of civil defense system on Balkans. Also, International Organization of Civil Defense got the status of “international institution” on the March 1st...

Academy of civil defense in Nis

RSHC and Academy of civil defense signed agreement about cooperation in education in 2014. The academy is famous educational institution of Russian EMERCOM. Already 8 groups of Serbian experts went for professional improvement to Moscow, studying “Crisis management”, “Civil defense...

Memorable date for Serbian people

The Toplica uprising was the Serbian rebellion in 1917 carried out by the Serbian people in the Toplica district against the Bulgarian occupation force.

RSHC on Kopaonik

International skiing competition, organized by Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia (GSS), took place at Kopaonik in period from February 24th to 25th. Sportists came from Montenegro, Croatia, Republic Srpska, Slovakia and Romania.

The training process in RSHC gains momentum

The training process in 2017 started with theoretical classes at Universities in Belgrade and Nis. Now it was time for practical course “Alpine climbing: basis train” at the ground “The Rescuer Path” in period from February 20th to 24th.

Assistant of rescuer

Despite all scientific and technical progress of 21st century, dog is still main assistant of rescuer in search operations in forest and mountains. Cynologist and his dog is a single well- set mechanism.

New knowledge for Serbian youth

Keeping in mind a great interest of Serbian youth to practical classes in emergencies field, RSHC continues the practice of holding thematic classes in high educational institutions of Serbia. This week Ivan Sulaev and Tatjana Petkovic spoke about INSARAG and rescue unit “Centrospas” ...

From Geneva to Nis

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center became ICDO affiliate member in May 2016. That means that the Center got possibility to participate in ICDO activities and to be a part of united international community of emergency services, including more than 70 member states.

RSHC at Hungarian training

Among main tasks (participation in the training exercises of Serbian firefighters, assistance in emergency elimination, holding of educational course for Serbian colleagues on the Center base and in Russia) RSHC leadership pays great attention to cooperation with the relevant agencies from ...

RSHC and humanitarian activities

Emergency Management Sector of Ministry of Interior of Serbia asked RSHC to review the possibility to temporarily borrow portable generator to the hospital in Ljubovija and its Hemodialysis center. Available capacities cannot provide continuous power supply to the life support machines in ...

Rescuers and lawyers

RSHC activities draw attention of different ministries and institutions of Serbia. So representatives of Ministry of Justice leaded by advisor of Penal Correction Department Goran Nesic came to Nis, to the Center. The goal was to explore, to discuss and maybe to find sphere for cooperation.

Balkan emergency experience

International seminar “Regional Countries in Matters of Emergency Response” was held by the Serbian Association of emergency situations in Belgrade on February 3rd. The goal was to exchange emergency experience between Balkan states.

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