Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

“The Rescuer” about Center

The newspaper “The Rescuer – EMERCOM of Russia, edition 45, 1st of December 2016 is writing about Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center and its director Bojan Glamoclija.

International training at Kopana Glavica

Volunteers from Russian organisation “Russian Rescue Union” came to Belgrade and immediately traveled to Serbian east for the participation in speleological training “Ibrin ponor 2016”. It was organised by Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia in period from 2nd to 4th of ...

RSHC at “Constellation of Courage”

Russian Emergency Minister Vladimir Puchkov invited RSHC to participate in awarding ceremony of VII All-Russian Festival “Constellation of Courage”. Director of Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center Bojan Glamoclija was awarded in category “Rescue without Borders”.

New rescuers in RSHC

The rescuer group headed by Igor Petrov successfully completed its mission in Serbia. To replace them a new squad from Centrospas unit came to Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center.

Gratitude from Nis Firefight Union

The lead of local Firefight Union Novica Markovic presented Russian-Serbian humanitarian center the thankful certificate as a gratitude for provided assistance and support!

Hungarian rescuers in Nis

Among main tasks (participation in the training exercises of Serbian firefighters, assistance in emergency elimination, holding of educational course for Serbian colleagues on the Center base and in Russia) RSHC leadership pays great attention to cooperation with the relevant agencies from...

EMERCOM Chief is speaking about Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in Greece

Vladimir Puchkov, the EMERCOM chief, had working visit to Greece. The Minister visited Mount Athos, where is located the Saint Panteleimon monastery. A few years back, in 2012, Russian specialists helped to put out wild fire near-by it. The Russian Minister and Greek colleagues used to discuss...

Serbian rescuers in Sankt Petersburg

The training course for Serbian water rescuers is finalizing. It was organized by Russian EMERCOM in Saint Petersburg University of State Fire Service.

RSHC in the University of Belgrade

On the November 23rd , 2016 Andrey Nizhnikov and Tatjana Petkovic, the employees of RSHC read a lecture to the students of the Faculty of Security Studies at the University of Belgrade on the topic of "The structure of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia" and "Rescue operations...

News channel “TV Arte” and RSHC

RSHC is an active participant in the social life of Serbia. It cooperates with the non-governmental organisations and media, which operatеs on Balkans. The Center’s position is clear: to be open and friendly, to be ready to speak about its tasks, goals and spheres of activities.

RSHC in the training Camp at the Kopaonik

On the November 19th and 20th 2016 the rescuers of Centrospas, RSHC-staff, participated in organizing and conducting the training sessions at the request of Serbian Mountain Rescue Service (GSS), whose main goal is to train young members of the GSS - volunteers to join the ranks of this Serbian...

Serbian volunteers on the "Rescuer Path"

On the November 18th, 2016 a week-long group of specialists from the “Serbian rescue team” a volunteer organization headed by Danilo Budimir, whose headquarters is located in Belgrade ended their training at the climbing polygon in the RSHC , called "Rescuer Path".

Fire Protection Day in Zajecar

On the November 16th, 2016 in the city of Zajecar , a number of events dedicated to the traditional holiday Slava of the firefighters and rescuers of Zajecar (St. George’s Day) and the completion of a month of fire protection were organized, where the representatives of the Center were...

Fire Protection Competition among schools of Kraljevo

On 15th of November, 2016 in the city of Kraljevo a competition in the field of fire protection was held among pupils of the city, organized by the Voluntary Fire-Fighting Association of Kraljevo, with the support of the city and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia.

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