Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Meeting in the Ministry of public administration and local self-government

RSHC received an invitation to participate in a meeting of representatives from regions and local governments. The meeting topic was “Reducing the risk of emergencies and preventing their occurrence”.

Workshops at Nis university

By the request of University of Belgrade and Nis and the Academy of the Serbian Ministry of Interior, for the third consecutive year RSHC has been continuing to organize workshops at the profile faculties of these universities. This time, in November, the Center representatives Alexander Zubov...

Visit to the RSHC

The Russian-Serbian humanitarian center works with many ministries and institutions of Serbia.

Firefighter Day in Nis

RSHC representatives together with the city administration and emergency services staff were invited by leadership of Nis fire and rescue unit to participate in celebration dedicated to Firefighter Day.

RSHC and Ambulance

After a series of trainings in Belgrade and Sombor conducted by RSHC staff for a local audience on the interaction of emergency services in case of joint action on traffic incident, Serbian colleagues asked the Center for a similar activity for employees of Belgrade ambulance. Alexander Zubov ...

International exercises and conference in Croatia

In October 2017, by the request from the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia (GSS), RSHC provided its training ground for a joint training of dog handlers from GSS and the Mountain Rescue Service of Croatia (GSSC) on urban rescue with the help of canine. Despite the rainy weather, the training ...

Rescuers to the Serbian children

The Center continues to work with the younger generation by sharing its knowledge and experience through practical training. In particular, evacuation exercises were conducted in the school "Kosta Abrasevic" in Resnik (suburb of Belgrade). The event was organized by scout unit named after ...

Serbian professors in St. Petersburg

By the request from the Emergency Management Sector of the Serbian Ministry of Interior, RSHC organized the educational trip for professors from specialized faculties of Serbia (Belgrade and Nis Universities, the Academy of the Serbian MI), representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the city ...

Balkan sappers in the Emergency Ministry Academy

The topic of clearing Balkan lands from explosive items which stayed after the numerous wars of 20th century was and still is very important issue requiring the authorities decision. Almost every day teams of specialists-sappers go for the location of explosives.

RSHC in Sombor

Keeping in mind the implementation of the Center's tasks in a field of cooperation with local professional and volunteer specialized services, Centrospas representatives - RSHC rescuers traveled to Vojvodina to participate in joint exercises of the Ambulance and the Fire and Rescue Unit of Sombor...

Working week in RSHC

The Center's co-director Victor Gulevich started active working in Serbia. On October 16th, he visited Belgrade emergency center, participated in a working meeting with city deputy mayor Andreja Mladenovic, who expressed his gratitude to Russia and RSHC for cooperation and interaction in ...

Scouts of Serbia and RSHC

The Center continues to work with the scout unit named after Major Dragutin Gavrilovic. This time it was joint training exercises of RSHC, scouts and local firefight unit in one of Belgrade schools.

14th of October – the memorable day

October is the month of commemorative and sad events in Nis. During these autumn days the city was liberated from the invaders in both world wars.

RSHC in Geneva

By fulfilling provisions of the working protocol signed with the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) and acting as an affiliated member of it, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center actively cooperates with this organization in various fields: training, provision of equipment, work...

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